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Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2022 Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2022 Kalogridis International: Best Bespoke Luxury Carpet Manufacturer 2022 Leading Innovators in Sustainable Air Mobility Technology - UK Flying cars traversing the skies sounds like something from a book or a film, however, a plethora of companies are working to make semi-autonomous and entirely autonomous flying vehicles a common and accessible mode of transport. Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited is one of these companies, developing the TR- iXH8, a sleek and compact aircraft suitable for a trip to the shops. Indeed, the future has arrived.

Introducing the Aviation and Aerospace Awards Aviation is one of the fastest growing industries, and global leader the USA directly and indirectly employs a total of 1.2 million workers. As we continue into 2022 experts predict growth in emerging markets across East Asia and South America from reviving internal and external tourism. Long term the industry is looking to make exciting strides into advanced biometric technologies to reduce airport check-in times, and avionics – or aviation electronics – presents an exciting new career path for energetic entrepreneurs! In a sector where large, consolidated firms often dominate the landscape, Corporate Vision is here to spotlight the diverse range of companies who continually demonstrate intelligent, forward-thinking innovation and a commitment to being the best at what they do. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: www.corporatevision-news.com AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer | Rebecca Scotland, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Design Team Emma Hunt, Senior Designer | Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

Contents 4. Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited: Leading Innovators in Sustainable Air Mobility Technology – UK 8. Kalogridis International: Best Bespoke Luxury Carpet Manufacturer 2022 10. Papiz Turbine: Leading Innovators in Aerospace Engine Technology- Latin America 11. Bauer Aviation Advisory (BAA): Best Boutique Aviation Consulting Firm - Middle East 12. Sky Soles: Best Aviation Footwear Brand 2022 13. Spring Solutions: Best Aerospace Supply Chain Management Solutions Provider - UK 14. Air Ambulance Worldwide: Best Critical Care Medical Transport Provider - Americas 15. Airport Operations Ltd: Best Aerodrome & Airport Security Specialists - UK

Leading Innovators in Sustainable Air Mobility Technology – UK Flying cars traversing the skies sounds like something from a book or a film, however, a plethora of companies are working to make semi-autonomous and entirely autonomous flying vehicles a common and accessible mode of transport. Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited is one of these companies, developing the TR- iXH8, a sleek and compact aircraft suitable for a trip to the shops. Indeed, the future has arrived. The transport world is currently going through a drastic overhaul as autonomous systems infiltrate the forefront of the industry. Busses, trains, cars, and even planes are undertaking this modernising treatment, being equipped with new technologies that will change transport for good. For example, autonomous driving systems have been taking the media by storm recently, namely due to Tesla’s ventures into self-driving cars that have been designed to conduct short and long-distance trips with no action required by the person in the driver’s seat. One company aiming to make an impact in this industry is Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited. Offering a revolutionary new way for people to move from point to point, the company has enlisted the usage of ground-breaking technology in order to develop a safe and accessible method of flying transportation. Indeed, seamlessly combining concept, style, and efficiency, Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited has created a product unique to the market. This is, however, a small leap for the company as it endeavours to continue the development of the life-changing vehicle. Describing itself as ‘different,’ the company sets itself apart from its competitors, claiming that it possesses a ‘different view of the way we should be moving.’ The UK-based company hosts creatives from around the world, bringing them together through collaboration in order to create a new method of transport. Together the team has delved into a remarkable and strange new world, joining the ranks of global billionaire-backed companies and giant corporations in the race to design and manufacture a feasible response to the question, “will flying transportation become commonplace within our lifetimes?” For Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited, the story begins with the 2016 Vision of a Green, Efficient VTOL (meaning vertical takeoff and landing) concept which over the years evolved into the innovative idea of a Hydrogen Electric Autonomous Aircraft VTOL, and a second version, a hydrogen powered Hydrogen Turboshaft Engine. Consequently, these designs led to what the company produces today – a vertical take-off and landing, plug-in, semiautonomous vehicle known as the TR- iXH8. As a result, these developments have opened up a new world. One that makes air transport available to a wider audience. Be it for a quick trip to a Describing itself as ‘different,’ the company sets itself apart from its competitors, claiming that it possesses a ‘different view of the way we should be moving.’ The UK-based company hosts creatives from around the world, bringing them together through collaboration in order to create a newmethod of transport.

shop, or as a way to explore an environment, through a network of air corridors, the TR- iXH8 makes traveling simple. Operating as a Hydrogen electric vehicle, the TR- iXH8’s body is constructed from carbon fibre and aluminium and is set upon an aluminium frame, ensuring that it is as lightweight as possible. Henceforth, the five-seater craft weighs in at around 1600 kilograms and reaches maximum speeds of 830 kilometers per hour. Additionally, the interior is decked out with numerous appealing features, including a vast amount of storage space, ambient lighting, cupholders, and heated seats. This is further complimented with an extensive entertainment system, driver assistance, and wi-fi. Externally, customers will be treated to a sleek and sophisticated design that features electric and heated aspheric door mirrors, adaptive LED Headlights, and a satin aluminium exterior trim. Canadian Business Awards 2022 15 Avi tion d Aerospace Awards 022 5 Of course, whilst the product must look good, it is also imperative that it comes along with a great amount of safety features. Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited has prioritised the safety of the TR- iXH8 above all else, installing numerous cutting-edge features that help prevent, and guarantee a streamlined response to, emergencies. From dynamic air break & trim control to a parachute system, the vehicle is designed to be effective when responding to an accident or malfunction. Moreover, it includes smart collision avoidance technology and a state-of-the-art passenger occupancy sensor. There is no doubt that autonomous and semi-autonomous aircraft will eventually become a regularly utilised transport method – aircrafts already have the option to engage in autopilot, henceforth, entirely automated aircrafts are not farfetched. In 2020, for example, Airbus concluded two years of flight testing

an inlet HEPA filter with precision electronic oxygen and flow measurement and powered and non-powered (pneumatic) airflow. As the company is developing technology that would be fit for a sci-fi film, what can be said about Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited’s own future? It’s simple, the industry itself is set to explode over the next few years, with Fortune Business Insights predicting that by 2027, the global market will be valued at around USD 16.23 billion. As the world moves towards fully automated vehicles, levels of excitement and interest are similarly set to rise, especially once these products become accessible to the public. It is with this in mind that the future looks crystal clear for the company as it continues to develop and manufacture functional, futuristic, and fascinating semi-autonomous vehicles. Contact: Graham Andrews Company: Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited Web Address: https://www.coanda-aeronautical.com for its ATTOL (Autonomous Taxi, Take-Off and Landing) project. Within this project, Airbus successfully accomplished autonomous taxiing, take-off, and landing of a commercial aircraft through fully automatic vision-based flight testing through the usage of onboard image recognition technology. Within smaller aircraft, autonomous flight has already become a reality. However, the key challenge now is encouraging people to try it out. It is unsurprising that there is a bubbling reluctance throughout society to partake in automated flights – after all, technology can and, on rare occasions, does fail. Yet with numerous safety features in place and, of course, the fact that aircraft incidents are incredibly rare, often due to human error, and predominantly nonfatal, it could be said that this fear is unwarranted. In fact, the introduction of this method of transport into the public domain has the potential to be safer than road vehicles, as statistics from the Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archive show that in 2021 there were just over 400 aviation accidentrelated deaths worldwide, in comparison to 1,390 reported road deaths in the UK in the year ending June 2021. The Covid-19 pandemic, however, came with its own set of challenges. The industry escaped relatively unscathed, but due to the technology that many of the companies possess, the industry saw multiple companies develop ways to tackle the virus. Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited partook in the fight against Covid-19, working to develop an advanced ventilator that allowed for remote intervention and assistance if required. As of August 2020, the company was trialling the system that came along with interchangeable 22mm stainless steel inlet and outlet fittings, As the company is developing technology that would be fit for a sci-fi film, what can be said about Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited’s own future? It’s simple, the industry itself is set to explode over the next few years, with Fortune Business Insights predicting that by 2027, the global market will be valued at around USD 16.23 billion.

Canadian Business Awards 2022 15 Avi tion d Aerospace Awards 022 7

The talented team of artisans and designers at Kalogridis International works hand-in-hand with aircraft OEM’s, owners, completion centers and elite aviation design houses all over the world to help create cabin environments to suit the discerning tastes of customers ranging from heads-of-state, royalty, celebrities, multinational corporations, and any other aircraft owners of discriminating taste who simply want the best the aviation industry has to offer in custom carpet. The family-owned small business, which has been producing luxury aviation carpets from their headquarters and factory in Dallas, Texas for almost 40 years has been investing heavily of late in new stateof-the-art manufacturing equipment as part of a pointed strategy to significantly cut the lead time between customer order and final delivery, and open-up new opportunities within the refurbishment market. At the same time, the company has raised the bar still higher within the aviation carpet market via their commitment to sustainable and ethically sourced materials and processes. Kalogridis is the first and only carpet manufacturer serving the aviation market, to commit to the exacting standards of NZ-FAP, the New Zealand Farm Assurance Program which provides a heretofore, unprecedented guarantee of quality, ethics, provenance, authenticity, traceability, animal welfare and environmental land care credentials for the wool used in Kalogridis carpets. New for 2022 in conjunction with the company’s increased commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly production, Kalogridis has launched the all-new Undyed Collection of carpets utilizing wools of varying shades and colours, all derived naturally from specifically chosen sheep within the NZ-FAP farms, with no dye utilized at any point within the production process. Offering carpet in undyed yarns reduces a project’s carbon footprint by conserving a significant amount of water used in the dye process. Company: Kalogridis International Email: [email protected] Website: www.kalogridis.com Best Bespoke Luxury Carpet Manufacturer 2022 Kalogridis International has long set the standard in luxury aviation carpets, creating unmatched custom hand-tufted designs of the highest quality for business jet owners who will accept nothing but the best for their personal space in the sky. Kalogridis is the first and only carpet manufacturer serving the aviationmarket, to commit to the exacting standards of NZ-FAP, the New Zealand FarmAssurance Program which provides a heretofore, unprecedented guarantee of quality, ethics, provenance, authenticity, traceability, animal welfare and environmental land care credentials for the wool used in Kalogridis carpets. Kalogridis sources wool ethically and sustainably according to the strict NZ-FAP standards Selected samples from the Kalogridis “undyed” collection, launched Spring 2022.

Canadian Business Awards 2022 15 Avi tion d Aerospace Awards 022 9 Kalogridis is known worldwide for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. 3D rendering is just one of the new capabilities in which the company has invested to better serve clients.

Turbine has left its mark on the aerospace industry. Moreover, the products have been displayed in numerous international airshows – including Aero Friedrichshafen and the Dubai Airshow across multiple years. At the show, the company exhibits its products and partakes in multiple categories, including Advanced Aerial Mobility and Aviation Sustainability. Contact: Juan Manuel Papiz Company: Papiz Turbine Web Address: https://papizturbine.com/ Jan22376 Leading Innovators in Aerospace Engine Technology - Latin America Born through an intense love of the industry, Papiz Turbine is infused with passion, knowledge, and dedication. Indeed, home to a range of efficient and cost-effective turbines, the company simply knows what’s best for its clients and their aircrafts. Since an early age Juan Manuel Papiz has displayed an affinity for aeronautics. Born in the city of Concepción, Tucumán, Argentina, Papiz was raised by teachers that encouraged his passion and bolstered his desire to learn. However, it wouldn’t be until age 15 that Papiz began his transition into the industry. His career began manufacturing RC turbines for him and others, but after a while, he began to tire of working for others. Using this dissatisfaction as a means for change, he began to improve upon the pre-existing products, slowly creating his own design. In the meantime, he pursued a similar passion – becoming a commercial airplane pilot. This only increased his knowledge, expanding his understanding of the issues in the aviation world. Papiz decided to overhaul the industry and launched Papiz Turbine. Papiz Turbine hosts a range of turbines primarily suitable for small to medium sized aircrafts. Indeed, the company has created a family of products that are some of the most dynamic, cost-effective, and sustainable turbines on the market. From the Quasar Turboprop 180Hp. to the Pretorian Turboprop 100Hp., each turbine has been designed with aeronautics and aviation lovers in mind – not only are the products priced competitively, but they are also designed with reliability as the priority. Of course, safety must come first. Creating turboprops, the company strays from the piston engine. Piston engines are typically found within smaller planes – the audience that Papiz Turbine targets – and are notable for their suitability for short distance flights. Furthermore, piston engines tend to fall on the cheaper side of the spectrum, both in terms of the initial purchase and to operate. However, Papiz Turbine flips this on its head. Simply, it has made turboprops more accessible for smaller aircrafts, enhancing their efficiency. Turboprops are considered to be more reliable, offer higher efficiencies for their higher power outputs, and can yield much improved performance at high altitudes. In addition, they are safer and more efficient than a piston engine. The Prometeo Turboprop 300Hp., for example, has been created to suit medium sized single and twin-engine aircrafts.Its simple and sturdy frame combined with materials such as titanium, and ceramic metals have ensured its suitability for a variety of plane types. With an estimated weight of 110kg, the product provides a much smoother experience than the average piston engine. Meanwhile, the Quasar Turboprop 180Hp. is a high performance and low consumption turbine suitable for small to medium sized aircrafts. Featuring an engine diameter of 200mm, a length of 700mm without the exhaust or propeller, and an overall weight of 80kg, the engine is notable for its harmonious simplicity. Look for all companies around the world, it is certain that Papiz

Dec21426 Best Boutique Aviation Consulting Firm - Middle East Despite solid headwinds and challenges, launching a new boutique consulting firm in the United Arab Emirates at the height of the pandemic did not faze the founder Linus Benjamin Bauer. With the COVID-19 pandemic inmind, the entire consulting landscape is ultimately no more immune to the forces of disruption than any other industry. Industries with higher complexity, like aviation, need new trusted partners during these challenging times. The current crisis has laid the foundation for boutique consulting firms like Bauer Aviation Advisory (BAA) to become the new trusted and sparring partner for the aviation industry in the post-pandemic era. As the new kid on the block, BAA established its presence in the United Arab Emirates at the pandemic’s peak and has been well perceived as a game-changer and industry disruptor to date. Throughout the pandemic, BAA has grown its global network of more than 35 subjectmatter experts and consultants in the past year, including former consultants from top-tier consultancies. The firm’s combination of specialist aviation experts and professional consultants from top-tier firms adds enormous value to consulting projects, leading to BAA establishing talks with top-tier consulting firms to partner in their ecosystems this year. In December 2020, BAA gained recognition for its services to the region’s aviation sector at the Aviation Business Awards 2020, receiving the ‘Highly Commended award in the Pride of Aviation category, alongside Etihad Airways. One year later, In December 2021, the Founder and Managing Director, Linus Benjamin Bauer, was nominated and shortlisted for the ‘Unsung Hero of the Year’ award at the Aviation Business Awards 2021. According to Linus Benjamin Bauer (Founder), “using off-the-shelve solutions from global management consultancies, which have been tried and tested before, are not explicitly tailored to the clients’ needs in the aviation industry. They increasingly fail to meet the requirements. Hence, the so-called one-size-fits-all model can be described as a diminishing business model for everyone out there in the postpandemic era.” It has led BAA to develop tailor-made health check packages with various themes for aviation companies to drive substantial operational and cost efficiencies, enhancing cost optimization and revenue generation to increase profits. The advanced health check packages support aviation companies to break glass to reduce their unit cost and increase revenues to ensure they can continue their trend of financial sustainability and maintain their competitive position with the transformed cost position. BAA’s health check activities with airlines to date have opened doors to various project initiatives in collaboration with top-tier consultancies and Big 4 firms. When the aviation industry is facing its most profound crisis in history, BAA continues to be fully committed to helping its clients and partners overcome the associated challenges of the current pandemic. Underlying BAA’s capabilities and services are to secure a sustainable and profitable future for the industry by forging sustainable business with a transformed position for a better future. Company: Bauer Aviation Advisory (BAA) Contact: Linus Benjamin Bauer Website: www.baueraviation.aero Canadian Business Awards 2022 15 Aviation a d Aerospace Awards 022 11

The stresses of everyday life on the modern shoe is something that, across the cobbling industry, has become a point of discussion. From changing standards of comfort to changing styles, footwear is one of the most scientifically based and research-emboldened elements of the fashion industry, and this only becomes evenmore true of shoe manufacturing companies for specific industries such as Sky Soles. Serving the international aviation industry by providing its professionals with footwear that is comfortable, reliable, and hardy, it has developed its products with the challenges of working in an airport environment inmind. Australia’s aviation footwear designers, Sky Soles is a company designing shoes that are suitable for the aviation, defence, cruise, rail and hotels industry, with a ‘sole’ focus on continuous innovation. Nominally, it wishes to ensure its designs provide maximum quality and comfort, the materials it uses being the best it can get its hands on so that a client can walk with confidence. Footwear, after all, is such a big part of everyday life; whether work shoes, leisure shoes, or shoes that a client would buy specifically for a certain occasion, the shoe must be comfortable, aesthetically fitting for what they wish it to be, and sturdy so that it can withstand the test of time and use. In each of these things Sky Soles has dedicated itself to innovation and ingenuity, working hard to create footwear that is specifically made to make the lives of airport workers easier. Literally in its DNA, the manufacture of footwear is the passion that started it all for Sky Soles. Finding its footing in 1972 with quality and comfort at the forefront of its priority list, the founders of Sky Soles wished to work on developing a shoe that combines solutions to the challenges faced by airport staff whilst allowing them to maintain the put-together and customer-ready look of their uniform. Thus, over the past decades, it has dedicated itself to finding the right materials and manufacturing processes that would allow it to do this; its combination of the finest, supple vegan linings – and finest grade of calf leathers – allow it to offer superior styling with a sleek look and feel that doesn’t sacrifice the longevity or comfort of the shoe. Able to support the foot from toe to heel, its airport friendly layered sole design contains elements with anti-slip grip, hardened toes, antistatic elements, and oil and acid resistant outsoles, resulting in a shoe that is perfectly adept at enduring the rigours of the aviation industry. Over time, it has thusly become known as the most innovative and highly specific shoe manufacturer in the aviation industry. Since its inception, its satisfied customers have spoken incredibly highly of it, leaving it glowing reviews through its website and recommending it to peers and colleagues through word of mouth referrals, something which it wishes to extends its thanks to its clients for as it greatly appreciates their continued support. Company: Sky Soles Contact: Zac Clarke Website: skysoles.com Jan22192 Best Aviation Footwear Brand 2022

Dec21637 Best Aerospace Supply Chain Management Solutions Provider - UK The aviation sector is a major part of many supply chains, but managing the complexities of it can overwhelmmany businesses The teambehind Spring Solutions offer a workable solution that allows these companies to focus on what they do best. For performing such a vital service, the team are worthy winners in Corporate Vision’s Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2022. We take a closer look at how their efforts have brought their clients to new heights of success. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of robust supply chains has become apparent. With distribution of items affected all around the world, it has taken incredible skill to ensure that products get where they are needed when they are needed. In the world of chemicals, fasteners and consumables, this is especially important. Maintaining the supply chain in the rapidly moving world of aviation is no easy task, but it is one that the team at Spring Solutions excel at. Spring Solutions has made its name through offering a range of bespoke supply chain management services, taking on the strain of organising the procurement, certification and use of products that travel around the world. In such a specialised field, the work they do is not only exemplary, but essential to the successful operation of many organisations. They are entrusted not only to consistently deliver, but to maintain the highest of standards at every stage of an operation. Nowhere is this clearer than in the firm’s flagship product, ChemCare. This revolutionary approach to supply management has transformed the way in which not only the Spring Solutions team, but the industry approaches the challenge of chemicals. The solution manages products throughout the process, from the cradle to the grave, from raw material to point of use. Every challenge is built in and accounted for to ensure total success. The secret of this success comes from the comprehensive nature of what they do. More so than any of the competition, they are able to ensure the right material is in the right place at the right time, every time. Whilst there are many larger players in this sector of the industry, Spring Solutions has gained attention because its team is big enough to cope, but small enough to care. Clients have come to trust the Spring Solutions team because when they speak to them, they are always speaking to a senior member of staff. This member of staff is not only a leading part of the industry, but has a passion for every aspect of it. They have a vested interest in ensuring that your project proceeds as smoothly as possible because as far as they are concerned, they are only as good as their last job. The size of the business means that the team are much more agile than the competition. When a client needs a bespoke solution to their unique problem, this is the team to call. The entire structure of the business is built around continuous improvement, which means that today’s solution is never exactly the same as tomorrow’s. With no shareholders to appease, there is a consistency to the team’s work which means that there are never unforeseen disruptions to the service offered. At all times, the needs of the client and their supply chain come first and this has proven an invaluable asset over the years. When it comes to producing a robust supply chain, the team at Spring Solutions have the market cornered. Their tireless efforts have ensured the success of so many people. We celebrate their formidable achievement and cannot wait to see where the team go in the future. Company: Spring Solutions Name: Jonathan Ward Email: [email protected] Web Address: http://www.spring-solutions.co.uk/ SOLUTIONS Canadian Business Awards 2022 15 Aviation and Aerospace Awards 022 13

Moving a loved one when they have specialist medical needs can be an incredible challenge, but the team at Air Ambulance Worldwide have made it their mission to offer a service that suits their specific needs. Named Best Critical Care Medical Transport Provider – Americas in Corporate Vision’s Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2022, we took the time to discover more about the secrets of their incredible success. -Any service in the medical industry revolves around trust. This is doubly true when aviation is taken into account. The team behind Air Ambulance Worldwide offer an incredible range of medical flight services operating a fleet of jets to transport people from bed-to-bed in urgent cases through to organizing medical escorts on commercial flights for those patients who need a helping hand. Their extensive experience allows them to provide the perfect solution for each individual case. Based in Florida and Pennsylvania, this critical care ambulance provider has achieved remarkable things over the years. Their reputation is unparalleled and the reason why they are often the provider of choice. This success is borne from a company ethic of moving patients in the safest and most cost-effective manner possible. Their wellbeing comes first at all times. The demand for the team’s services can be seen in the range of different clients who they serve, including global insurers, medical assistance companies, private clients, professional sports leagues and governmental organizations. Their success has seen them recognized not just in the Americas, but internationally. Maintaining these high standards would be a challenge for any organization, and the team at Air Ambulance Worldwide is always looking for new ideas from the brightest and best in the industry. For them, growth is not simply a matter of expanding their reach and the range of services offered. It’s about collaboration in its purest form, with an eye to continual improvement in every respect. As such, the team is proud to support clients through even the most challenging of cases, using their immense knowledge to offer leading care. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry, but the biggest challenge for Air Ambulance Worldwide has been maintaining their worldwide outlook. Crossing borders has been made more difficult thanks to constantly changing regulations. As the effects of the pandemic have begun to settle down, the team have found it much easier to offer their vital services to clients. Looking ahead, the future is bright for the Air Ambulance Worldwide team. Their growth has seen them adding new aircraft to their impressive fleet, enabling their medical staff to provide ever-higher standards of aviation medicine to an increasing list of clients. There’s little wonder behind the reasons of this firm’s remarkable success. It’s a credit to their hard work and tenacity on all fronts. We look forward to seeing how they thrive in the weeks and months to come. Company: Air Ambulance Worldwide Name: Mike Vallee Email: [email protected] Web Address: airambulanceworldwide.com Dec21465 Best Critical Care Medical Transport Provider - Americas

Jan22180 Best Aerodrome & Airport Security Specialists - UK Every airport depends on a comprehensive security system, one which is able to create an environment where all on airport grounds can be safe and secure. Whilst this is handled in some places by inhouse teams, the team at Airport Operations have made it their mission to take the strain from hardworking airport managers and provide the ultimate in personnel to protect their surroundings. The team’s incredible success comes from their ability to deliver safe operations no matter what the surroundings. From regional to international airports, this is a team that has made its name through adapting to every circumstance that might arise. With various challenges across every aspect of the airport, the Airport Operations team have built up the skill to provide staff able to assist in all airside operations and safety roles. To ensure the best quality in all team members, the firm is proud to provide a multitude of training opportunities to Highfield Accreditation Level Three Standard, providing these same opportunities to their clients too. Maintaining consistency across an operation is vital to securing success, and so regular refresher training is undertaken across all levels of the business. The high-quality personnel behind Airport Operations not only ensure that clients have people who thrive on working in best practice scenarios, but who inspire their teams to aim high too. It is not just the Airport Operations staff who provide a high-quality approach. Their equipment is designed to support them in every respect, offering the tools needed to secure success on every front. The fleet of airside operations vehicles include Low and High Intensity LED lighting and digital displays, Transponders, 8.33khz Radios, Wildlife Control Equipment Lethal and Non-Lethal, Wands, Bats, Cones and Temporary Lighting which meet every possible need that might arise. When people turn to Airport Operations for assistance, they gain access to a team of experienced airport managers. Unlike many of their competitors, they understand the needs of their customers because they have been airport managers themselves. They’ve experienced the difficulties of organising third party contributions and suffered the delays involved in AGL ordering and installation. They managed projects to improve airport property from remote towers to runway resurfacing. They know the market well and know how to have the biggest possible impact on behalf of their customers. As a result of the team’s tireless efforts, the future is bright indeed. The growth of the team over the years has allowed them to offer a comprehensive solution to airports which can now be exported around the world. With a new global mindset at the heart of the business, it’s clear that Airport Operations has a long way to go. The airport industry is one which is constantly evolving, and the standards inherent to it are constantly rising. The Airport Operations team not only understand this, but make the effort to ensure that their solutions push the industry forward to new and greater heights. Company: Airport Operations Ltd Name: Kieran Meikle Email: [email protected] Canadian Business Awards 2022 15 Aviation and Aerospace Awards 022 15 The world of airports and aerodromes is one which depends on hundreds of moving parts all coming together to ensure a safe and smooth process for all. Security is a major factor, now more than ever, and the team at Airport Operations Ltd are leading the way. In Corporate Vision’s Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2022, the team achieved astonishing success. We take a closer look to discover more.