Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2022

The stresses of everyday life on the modern shoe is something that, across the cobbling industry, has become a point of discussion. From changing standards of comfort to changing styles, footwear is one of the most scientifically based and research-emboldened elements of the fashion industry, and this only becomes evenmore true of shoe manufacturing companies for specific industries such as Sky Soles. Serving the international aviation industry by providing its professionals with footwear that is comfortable, reliable, and hardy, it has developed its products with the challenges of working in an airport environment inmind. Australia’s aviation footwear designers, Sky Soles is a company designing shoes that are suitable for the aviation, defence, cruise, rail and hotels industry, with a ‘sole’ focus on continuous innovation. Nominally, it wishes to ensure its designs provide maximum quality and comfort, the materials it uses being the best it can get its hands on so that a client can walk with confidence. Footwear, after all, is such a big part of everyday life; whether work shoes, leisure shoes, or shoes that a client would buy specifically for a certain occasion, the shoe must be comfortable, aesthetically fitting for what they wish it to be, and sturdy so that it can withstand the test of time and use. In each of these things Sky Soles has dedicated itself to innovation and ingenuity, working hard to create footwear that is specifically made to make the lives of airport workers easier. Literally in its DNA, the manufacture of footwear is the passion that started it all for Sky Soles. Finding its footing in 1972 with quality and comfort at the forefront of its priority list, the founders of Sky Soles wished to work on developing a shoe that combines solutions to the challenges faced by airport staff whilst allowing them to maintain the put-together and customer-ready look of their uniform. Thus, over the past decades, it has dedicated itself to finding the right materials and manufacturing processes that would allow it to do this; its combination of the finest, supple vegan linings – and finest grade of calf leathers – allow it to offer superior styling with a sleek look and feel that doesn’t sacrifice the longevity or comfort of the shoe. Able to support the foot from toe to heel, its airport friendly layered sole design contains elements with anti-slip grip, hardened toes, antistatic elements, and oil and acid resistant outsoles, resulting in a shoe that is perfectly adept at enduring the rigours of the aviation industry. Over time, it has thusly become known as the most innovative and highly specific shoe manufacturer in the aviation industry. Since its inception, its satisfied customers have spoken incredibly highly of it, leaving it glowing reviews through its website and recommending it to peers and colleagues through word of mouth referrals, something which it wishes to extends its thanks to its clients for as it greatly appreciates their continued support. Company: Sky Soles Contact: Zac Clarke Website: skysoles.com Jan22192 Best Aviation Footwear Brand 2022