Business Woman Awards 2017

10 Corporate Vision / BusinessWomen Awards 2017 , Best Woman’s Food & Lifestyle Blogger – South West USA Giangi’s Kitchen, LLC is a food cooking blog designed to bring love back into people’s kitchen. We invited Giangi Townsend to tell us more about the blog, and what her overall vision is. Giangi’s Kitchen is a blog dedicated to showcasing Giangi’s love of cooking with whole natural food, whilst at the same time bringing an easy and simple approach to creating a healthy meal. Giangi explains how being a food blogger has opened up new opportunities, as well as describing her followers’ interests. “Being a food blogger has given me the opportunity to open up to the world. My recipes are simple and easy, plus, I work remotely with lots of great vendors that help me build my business. My followers from all over the world are people that enjoy cooking and enjoy preparing meals for their families. Having a virtual office was very important to me as I am a mother, love flexibility to create and love to travel.” Telling us about her previous experiences, Giangi talks about when she started her blog and why she enjoyed it so much, before adding how her past job roles have helped her develop her blog, instilling a better work structure. “It has been a fantastic journey since I started Giangi’s Kitchen over seven years ago. I get to prepare meals for my family and share it with the world. Coming from industrial packaging was a huge shift, one that I am glad I did. Industrial packaging and network marketing have instilled in me a better work structure. It made me more receptive to quick changes and opened my mind to see past what is in front of me.” Regarding what the future holds, Giangi excitedly comments on the expansion of the blog, and how she is always looking to discover new opportunities to take advantage of. She also outlines her goals for the future and how she is going to achieve these. “Looking ahead, Giangi’s Kitchen is expanding and growing. There is much to do, so many avenues to discover, so much to learn. Travel more and experience exciting new cooking flavours from around the world. “Ultimately, in the long term, I am keen to reach a point where I can take a small, very small step back from the day to day activities and give back to the community. I would love to travel and help in places in the world that could use an extra set of hand.” Contact: Giangi Townsend Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Phoenix, Arizona 85028, USA Phone: 1 (602) 549-0098 Website: BW170016