Business Woman Awards 2017

, Fearless Media is an innovative marketing firmdedicated to acting as an antidote to the media industry’s fragmentedmarketing system. Founder and President Cara Scharf explains how the firmworks to achieve this ambitious aim. Marketing & Advertisement Entrepreneur 2017 - New York Established in 2009, Fearless Media is an independent, integrated media agency based in New York. Cara outlines how the firm works to provide its clients with an exceptional service. “Built with relentlessly curious marketers and specializing in the MillennialZ category, at Fearless Media our dynamic approach to marketing developed out of a focus on data and analytics, with digital at the core of every campaign. We work with clients to develop their marketing strategy, execute campaigns, and drive revenue for their business. By marrying media with creative, establishing an exceptionally integrated approach, and building a team of relentlessly curious marketers, we cultivated a Fearless machine that works every time.” As a certified women owned agency, Fearless Media is dedicated to offering equal opportunities and working to support women in the media market. Drawing on her own experience, Cara explains how women can succeed by always putting themselves first and aiming to exude confidence in everything they do. “What I have noticed as a woman business owner, is that people tend to underestimate your intelligence and ambition. I like to prove them wrong. My advice to anyone looking to emulate my success would be to ask for what they want, and do not think of yourself as being a woman in business. Just think of yourself as a businessperson. Confidence and attitude are everything. If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will.” Looking to the future, Cara is keen to grow the agency and provide clients with a wider range of services, as she outlines in her concluding comments. “Ultimately, my goal is to build an agency that is recognized for being the best, and as such we have recently expanded from a media agency to a full service agency. This is my ongoing focus moving forward, and I am excited for the opportunities that this will provide for both myself and my team.” Contact: Cara Scharf Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 19 West 21st Street Suite 401. New York, 10010, USA Phone: 12122571808 Web Address: BW170021