Business Woman Awards 2017

Lula. She explains what her own goals are for the future, how she is going to achieve this and what changes she would like to see within the corporate landscape, which will make it easier for women to succeed. “I am in the most exciting phase of my career, where I can make significant impacts to the work I am doing, while being comfortable with change and new challenges.” “In terms of changes in the corporate landscape, I would like to see continued commitment across all women to mentor and sponsor other women. Mentoring women through the different milestones in their career, and different stages in their life is something that I believe women in the workplace value. I have had the benefit of fantastic women mentors and sponsors, who provided profound guidance throughout my career, and through significant milestones in my personal life.” In her concluding comments, Lula states that she is delighted to be part of a group which is affecting the future for women. Contributions from women in every sector are growing every day, and this is what Lula cites as her inspiration. “Ultimately, I am proud to be part of a group of women who are making tremendous impacts globally. We have seen significant contributions from women across different industries, and it continues to be a source of inspiration for me every day.”