Business Woman Awards 2017

, An industry leader for the design, development and distribution of women’s fashion footwear, the Camuto Group is renowned for its long-proven ability to build prominent women’s lifestyle brands on a global scale. We invited Vice President of Information Technology Dara Meath to talk us through her role in the success of this internationally renowned company. Best Global IT Planning Business Leader 2017 Founded by Vince Camuto, The Camuto Group started in 2001 as a design, development and distribution resource for retailers. Over the next 16 years, the company has expanded into over 30 fashion categories through acquisitions, internal expansion and partnership growth. With over 50 recognized labels, The Camuto Group is a world leader in fashion. Dara discusses how she came to work with the group and the drive that has helped her to achieve the success she enjoys today. “Through my role as Vice President of Information Technology, I have had the privilege over the last 13 years to support the business growth and technology advancements. Prior to being with The Camuto Group, I was with many other organizations all with an intense focus on technology and the education of tech. My primary role with Apparel Business Systems was to lead system implementations for fashion wholesalers around the world. The core focus was to run a manufacturing lifecycle with a 100% customer satisfaction. “Today we see the same focus, but Fashion and Technology are finding the importance together as businesses now looks for new ways to connect with customers to fulfill needs to keep ahead of the curve. Thanks to this role I have had the unique opportunity of being a female leader within the organization and industry. Continuing to learn, keeping positive and working with the right partners has been the key to my success. Many women are continuing to reach leadership positions as technology continues to be an important part of everyday life. It has been a privilege to help others continue to see their passion for technology and lead them to planning, project and development roles.” Moving forward, the future looks bright for both the Camuto Group and Dara, as she is proud to conclude. “Looking ahead, the Camuto Group continues to grow as an industry leader with a focus on gaining data to expand their capabilities. My future goals are to continue to build upon the current corporate needs while leading new business initiatives through applications and reporting, and I am excited for the opportunities this will bring.” Company: The Camuto Group LLC Contact: Dara A Meath Address: 411 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830 USA Phone: 001 203 413 7185 Email: [email protected] LinkedIn: Website: BW170025