Canadian Business Awards 2019

, dkstudio architects inc. Best International Luxury Retail Design Firm 2019 Drawing on the expertise of its Founders and dedicated team, dkstudio architects inc. is a premier international design company supporting clients internationally to create truly spectacular solutions. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its success. Dec18013 Founded in 2007 by principals Dmytriy Pereklita and Karen Mak, dkstudio has since flourished. Today the firm has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Hong Kong, allowing it to provide its award-winning design services to a wide range of discerning clients around the world. Built on a distinguished portfolio of luxury retail projects, the firm’s ability to collaborate with a wide spectrum of professionals and trades allows for holistic delivery of comprehensive projects that balance design, budget, and execution through every stage of the architectural process. In the residential, corporate, and master planning sectors of the office, an invigorating approach is taken towards the adaptation of new technology to create rich and thoughtful projects through an economy of means. Supporting both it’s residential and commercial clients on a wide variety of projects, the firm incorporates a variety of environmental and social initiatives into its work to give back to its service users and clients, as well as the environment in which they all live and work. This approach is in line with the increasing consumer focus on sustainability and helps dkstudio to showcase its passion for design that has both form and function. Seeking to remain ahead of the speed and complexity of this contemporary life, dkstudio continues to strive for the dynamic synergy between the time-honoured tradition of fine craftsmanship and a passion for the ever-changing flux of architecture and technology in the 21st century, and this will remain its ongoing focus over the coming years. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: dkstudio architects inc. Contact: Dmytriy Pereklita & Karen Mak Website: FUME Scent Lounge, Toronto, ON, Client Coty - Luxury Retail by dkstudio © B-Hemmings, Toronto, design & execution by dkstudio © Dolce & Gabbana, Toronto, Facade design concept by dkstudio © © dkstudio © dkstudio