Canadian Business Awards 2019

14 Corporate Vision 2019 Canadian Business Awards , The GM’s Perspective Baseball Business Consultant of the Year 2019 Drawing on the experience of Founder Devon Teeple, the GM’s Perspective is a dedicated consultancy that offers expert advice and support to businesses operating within the baseball sector. We invited Devon himself to tell us more about the firmand the services it has to offer. The GM’s Perspective is specifically designed to give any fan of baseball, the business of baseball or both, an insider’s point of view; a view of someone who has played the game in an amateur and professional setting. Devon discusses how the company came about and the reason he is so passionate about giving back to the baseball community. “Over the years, baseball has been a big part of my life. It has allowed to me to become the person I am today through teamwork and the drive to succeed. I have been fortunate enough to learn the game from very talented coaches and hone my skills through years of practice. Since my days of competing at a collegiate and professional level are behind me, I now have the time and opportunity to teach the game through coaching, clinics, and my writing. Through the GM’s Perspective, I want to enlighten my readers with my articles, give back to the community with my lifetime knowledge of the game, and continue to grow my audience through the gift and enhancements of this new and unlimited age of multi-media.” When working on any project, be it an interview or a game analysis, Devon is committed to providing his readers with the most up-to-the-minute, expert advice and insight possible, as he is eager to highlight. “Every project I undertake I aim to ensure benefits both my readers and the members of the baseball community I collaborate with. When I work with an athlete or personality, it serves us both well to know what we both want to accomplish and what message we are trying to portray. From coordinating the dates and times of the interviews with their agents or marketing team, complete transparency is required. I always give them an overview of what my interview will focus on, and I will not publish until a review is complete by the athlete and their team. Until I get the final go ahead, nothing is published, and when it is, I promote the interview throughout social media, and send all appropriate links to all required parties. “Additionally, when I am providing in-depth analysis of the game from all levels I can offer expertise as both a player and as a business professional. Fundamentally, I take great pride in my work. I take great pride in interviewing athletes, current and/or retired and letting my readers know that it is not only just about what goes on between the lines, it is how the person carries themselves off the field and how they become leaders and role models away from the game.” Having achieved incredible success through the GM’s Perspective, Devon is keen to continue to support the baseball market, and as such, moving forward he will be establishing an exciting new venture, as he is proud to conclude. “Ultimately, I am very motivated to give back to the community and to share what the game of baseball and what sports has done for me. As such, I am currently in the preliminary stages of creating a non-profit: IGNITE CHANGE. The main activity will be running clinics focused on playing baseball the right way, but with a component on leadership, attitude, and behaviors. It elaborates on ideas from Schea Cotton’s basketball camp and Chris Herren’s basketball camp, both truly amazing individuals who have overcome personal struggles to make a difference in their communities and beyond. This exciting new development will help me to support the baseball community even more and provide valuable services where they are most needed.” Dec18069 CONTACT DETAILS: Company: The GM’s Perspective Name: Devon Teeple Address: 57 Belleview Cres., North Bay, ON, Canada P1B 8V2 Telephone Number: 905-353-4929 Web Address: