Canadian Business Awards 2019

, Munn Insurance Most Innovative Independent Insurance Broker 2019 - Atlantic Canada Munn Insurance has been a leading insurance provider for well over 100 years. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners of this year’s Canadian Business Awards we spoke to CJ Nolan, president and CEO, to find out more about the firmand the range of services it provides. Dec18065 Originally founded in 1904 and incorporated in 1949, over the years Munn Insurance has evolved significantly, and in particular over the past number of years, becoming a full digital enterprise and now looks little like those traditional brokers that are struggling in this changing industry. CJ explores this digital revolution in more detail to showcase how his company has flourished into a leading insurance broker. “Here at Munn, we have invested steadily in IT to deliver a better customer experience and are today one of the most progressive brokers in Canada. We provide home, auto, group, business insurance in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Munn’s focus on Customers and People has helped us grow in this challenging market. Our customer focus has been part of our DNA from our early beginnings and continues to guide the business to this day. We are committed as well to making Munn a fun place to work and ensuring we are providing an engaging culture where are people love to come and create. “Today, we are one of the largest and most progressive independent insurance brokers within Atlantic Canada, with more than 80 employees across four offices in Atlantic Canada, providing expert advice and services to over 30,000 customers. Customers are our top priority. It trumps everything else. We strive to be known for going above and beyond and for providing world class service to our customers. We will do whatever is necessary to deliver for our customers, and as part of our supportive internal culture we encourage and reward our people for doing just that.” Supporting such a wide range of clients and providing them with award-winning service, Munn tackles every initiative and decision with the customer at the forefront to ensure we are delivering the value that our customers desire and deserve, as CJ is eager to showcase. “As a business we keep the customer at the center of every single decision we make. For example, when on-boarding new customer-facing technology to enhance service delivery and the overall user experience, we employ a proven approach to project management which ensures success for the customer. Working within cross functional teams with a dedicated project champion, we ensure that we know the customer needs and that there is a clearly defined project plan with key deliverables, milestones and KPI’s identified and documented. Regular touch points to ensure the entire team is on task are required. We ask lots of questions from providers and partners who have been on similar paths. We avail of external expertise if needed. We adjust on the file and are nimble enough to make changes as necessary. “Then we collect as much data as is necessary, often from customers directly, careful to not overload the process. We measure and refine as necessary. Perfection is not required, and as such Munn would much rather start and fail than over-engineer and never get moving. Our customers demand progress so we make sure we are on the front foot all the time. At the completion of the project, a thorough debrief, and review allows us to learn from mistakes and adjust for future projects. All of our recent IT projects are completed on time and on budget with maximum benefit for the customer and the business.” Going forward, Munn has many exciting projects lined up to ensure its ongoing success, as CJ is proud to conclude. “Looking to the future, we have a number of special projects planned for 2019. Our focus is on the customer which will lead to growth and expansion. Each project delivers on three important benefits which are driving value for customers, improving data and analytics, and delivering profitable growth. These projects will ensure that Munn is driving value for customers and will remain a key player in today’s ever-evolving insurance market.” CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Munn Insurance Name: Brian King Address: 121 Kelsey Drive, Suite 100, St. John’s, NL, A1B 0L2 Telephone Number: 709-685-5534 Web Address: