Canadian Business Awards 2019

18 Corporate Vision 2019 Canadian Business Awards , Matrix Production Services Ltd. Best Film Production Equipment Provider - British Columbia Dec18291 Matrix Production Services Ltd is a unique family-owned and environmentally friendly business which provides location equipment such as environmental products, heaters, cones, tents, safety vests, carpets and expendables to the filmand events industry. We invited John Franco Braico to tell us more about this dynamic and innovative company and how it supports its wide range of entertainment clients. Since its inception in 2002, Matrix has been dedicated to serving its customers and giving them the opportunity for success in whatever they are trying to achieve. Today the company works alongside a wide variety of clients, ranging from a film set crew, through to individuals running an event. John explains how Matrix is focused on supporting its clients and providing them with a first-class service from the beginning of every project. “Here at Matrix, our mission is to enhance our clientele’s success while offering the best products and sustainable options. We continuously update our inventory lists and seek new and more beneficial products. We stand firm on protecting our environment and look to collaborate with other organizations and businesses who also create change. “Working towards this mission, as a business we exist solely for our customers. As the last locally owned locations shop in Vancouver, we know how to best serve our customers and continuously seek to do the unimaginable for them, because that is who we are and that is what we can do. We continually seek new products that will benefit our clients, find environmental products that will help shape the industry and help create a positive impact. If we cannot find something, we will make it for them. This level of commitment cannot be found elsewhere, and is what draws our clients to work alongside us.” This client focus extends to the firm’s internal culture, which is focused on support and collaboration, as John is keen to showcase. “Internally, our culture is a combination of collaboration and family. We ensure that all staff members are equipped with the right tools in order to provide the best service to our customers while also working in a collaborative environment. Our employees are encouraged to bring up ideas about new products, are asked about their thoughts and suggestions for how we operate and discuss the best way to ensure our customers are getting the best service possible.” Being based in Vancouver offers Matrix many exciting opportunities, as the region is a key destination for anyone seeking a stunning, welcoming region to film in. John shares an insight into the developments he has noticed in the region and the filmmaking industry in particular recently and how his firm is continuously adapting around them. “Over the past few years Vancouver has become the hub for filmmaking in North America. With amazing and experienced crew members who are hungry to make great content, gorgeous landscapes, and tax benefits, BC, and the lower mainland in particular, is continuously growing at rapid rates. We are fortunate to be able to work alongside numerous productions that give our local communities ample business and support our local habitants. Other trends that we have been experiencing in the Film Industry is the consciousness for our environment. There is a plethora of individuals who are pushing for change and seeking companies and products that are in support of sustaining and improving our environment. “Fundamentally, Canada has become a huge asset for content that is created for screens. Not only is Canada’s physical geography diverse, but we have knowledgeable and talented crew members who are experienced in their field and who know all the ins and outs of production. With lots of shows being funded by American Companies, Canada offers the talent, landscapes and tax credits that any producer seeks, and we happen to be right at the forefront, servicing any production that needs our help and who wants to make positive environmental impacts.” Looking to the future, supporting the region’s flourishing filmmaking market will remain Matrix’s ongoing focus, as John is proud to conclude. “Within the wider Canadian corporate landscape, developments within environmental practices and their implementation and regulations through either local, provincial or federal governments are being more active. As we continue each and every day, there is a higher demand to protect the environment and resources we are harnessing from the earth. Environmental sustainability is about everyone making a change and to adapt to this change we are working hard here at Matrix to be able to provide our customers with the necessary products to make a change. We are at the forefront of helping them be environmentally conscious, and provide them with sustainable options. “As part of this focus, looking ahead our dedicated team at Matrix are always trying to find new products or re-create products to be more environmentally friendly. Our big pushes are to help crews be environmentally friendly without having to do a million extra tasks to get something working for them; we want to be able to provide them with the right tools to continue to work how they normally do, just with better and more sustainable equipment. This will remain our ongoing focus as we look towards a bright and exciting future.”