Canadian Business Awards 2019

26 Corporate Vision 2019 Canadian Business Awards , Nightingale Corp Office Seating Manufacturer of the Year 2019 Nightingale Corp is a contract seatingmanufacturer that puts purpose before profit to create unique solutions thatmeet its clients’ specific needs.We profile the firmto learnmore about its innovative product offering and how this has helped propel it to the success it enjoys today. Since Nightingale was founded in 1928, a lot has changed in the design and function of seating. What has not changed is the firm’s commitment to innovation, comfort, and quality, which has never wavered over the years. The company’s history of innovation is evident in the superior quality of its seating products. In Nightingale’s Innovation Lab, on-site factory, and state of the art testing facility, the firm is dedicated to continuously strive so they can improve the performance of their innovative chairs. By collaborating with top designers, engineers, and research teams, the firm creates quality ergonomic products that are good for both their user’s body and the planet. Nightingale’s designs prove that clients never have to choose between aesthetics and comfort. Seeking to offer clients an innovative approach to chair design, the firm’s website has a ‘My Chair Maker’ function, where clients can choose their model and then adapt it to meet their unique needs, so that they always receive the chair they need. Alongside comfort and functionality, sustainability is also incredibly important to Nightingale. As such, the firm’s factory is powered by wind and solar energy, and everything that the firm uses gets reused or repurposed in adhering to its ‘landfill sucks’ policy of zero-waste. The firm also supports the Urban Beehive Project in hopes that these incredibly important insects can keep buzzing around, pollinating 90% of food crops worldwide. Looking to the future, Nightingale will continue to work towards excellence in chair creation to ensure it remains a key player in the ever-evolving seating market. Dec18536 Nightingale Corp CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Nightingale Corp Contact: Meg Desmond Website: