Canadian Business Awards 2019

32 Corporate Vision 2019 Canadian Business Awards , Enigma Escapes Most Pioneering Escape Room Operator 2019 & Award for Excellence in Team Building Events 2018 Jan19039 Based inWinnipeg, Enigma Escapes offers a premium live escape experience. We invited Laura Hawkins to talk us through the firmand the range of games it has to offer to its intrepid players. Escape rooms have become a growing trend in immersive gaming and team building. Many companies have worked to create unique puzzles and experiences that their customers can enjoy. “At Enigma Escapes we have 11 different themes in three locations and are currently working on three new games. After visiting escape rooms across Europe four years ago, we began to develop a plan to create immersive themes that would appeal to a wide audience. ”Each of our rooms is uniquely ours and begins with a story line video to set the mood. We have custom software for our host (known as the gamemaster) to provide hints in a non-intrusive manner.” “As part of our approach, we are able to specifically tailor hints to the players’ skill level, giving them just as much assistance as they need to be successful. For this reason, our rooms are enjoyed by guests as young as 10 and up. Through our associated company Gamemasters, we deliver the same great experience to players in 22 different cities across Canada and the US.” Escape games are fantastic for corporate team-building, for taking a group outside their normal day to day realm and into a new experience where they learn to see each other in a different light. Rather than an approach that focuses on gaps or deficiencies in team dynamics, the firm’s sessions build on positive core strengths through appreciative inquiry and active listening techniques before, during, and after the escape room experience. Laura explores this in more detail. “Our corporate team-building session was created by a clinical psychologist and is very positive and fun. The concepts are rooted in authentic psychology principles and deliver a fun yet meaningful experience.” This exceptional experience would be near impossible without a dedicated and supportive group of staff, and as such Laura is understandably keen to showcase their hard work and discuss how her team is the backbone behind the firm’s ongoing success. “As a family-owned, family- run business, we are deeply passionate about providing a premier experience to our guests. We extend that passion to our staff as well. They know that we are committed to providing an informal, flexible workplace with a keen understanding of their lives. We work around exams, studying, other school commitments to accommodate A group gamemaster photo from the early days. Enigma Escapes now has over 40 gamemasters on staff. The first planning meeting for Enigma Escapes in the fall of 2014.