Canadian Business Awards 2019

g Enigma Escapes CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Enigma Escapes Name: Laura and Allan Hawkins, Shea Kosokowsky, Shaun and Kaleigh Gray Address: Unit 4-980 Lorimer Blvd. 24 Keenleyside St. Telephone Number: 2042190014 Web Address: schedules as much as possible. We encourage independence, and we empower employees to make on the spot decisions. When problems do arise, we address them quickly. We have a staff of 42 university and high school students and deeply care about each of them. We are proud to be the best possible ‘first job’ for many.” “We have staff members who have been with us from the very beginning who have grown into management positions and who play a vital role in our success. Our very hard-working installation team assembles our turn-key rooms in communities throughout the US and Canada, and our Enigma gamemasters enthusiastically welcome each and every guest and guide them through their games ensuring the best possible experience. We are very proud of our team and thrilled to share our successes, including this award, with all of them.” Many see the escape room industry as a means of making easy money, but for Enigma Escapes this is a passion, and as such the team are constantly enhancing their service offering and working to develop new ideas for unique games. Laura shares an insight into how the industry is changing and how her firm is adapting to ensure a cutting-edge experience for every player. “As many escape room companies are coming to the end of their original leases, it appears that some of those who went into the industry with little investment hoping to get rich quick may not continue operation. Companies have found that in order to provide the game player with the level of game sophistication they demand, a greater investment is required. This means that the entire industry is refining and improving with better developers and owners doing well and lower quality operations dwindling. This bodes well for those who believe in providing an excellent game experience to their customers such as our team here at Enigma Escapes. We’re also proud to be part of Winnipeg’s escape room community. Some of the best games we have played in the world are located right here in Winnipeg.” “We work hard to continually provide our guests with an innovative, exciting experience which means adapting around the latest industry developments and trends. Each of our escape rooms have custom created props to ensure a fun and immersive experience. We continually research new developments in the industry by playing in Europe and in attending conferences. While some escape rooms are exploring the use of virtual reality in their games, we have chosen not to go that route. We believe strongly that genuine room interactivity is an experience that will continue to deliver.” As she looks to the future Laura foresees even greater success for Enigma Escapes as the firm looks to enhance its service offering and grow even further throughout 2019 and beyond. “Looking ahead, Enigma Escapes will continue to develop new escape room concepts and to grow our Gamemasters business. We also have a number of non-North American projects in development which will provide us with many exciting opportunities for further growth and success.” Escape Room Shot Curse of the Evil Genie