Canadian Business Awards 2019

g Fort McKay Group of Companies LP CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Fort McKay Group of Companies LP Address: PO Box 5360, Fort McMurray AB, T9H3G4 Telephone Number: 7807883150 Web Address: Email: [email protected] McKay Logistics supply chain services. From order input to final delivery, Track and Trace provides the users with a comprehensive end to end visibility of the packages they transport. The solution not only provides visibility, but also accuracy, flexibility and increased efficiencies as the data is used to increase operational efficiencies. The solution includes order scheduling, pickup and delivery operations through the use of a mobile devices, cross dock operations, and line haul operations. Every time a package is processed through the system, whether to change an attribute or to pick up or deliver, it is scanned, and information is recorded, ensuring that at any time, the system knows where the package is, who performed the action, and when the action was performed. This creative solution ensures that FMGOC is able to provide its clients with cutting-edge support that they can rely on. Recently, FMGOC announced the launch of its new mobile-friendly website. Using any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, customers can now browse informative new content regarding the FMGOC’s companies and their respective areas of focus. A number of the divisions’ pages feature a portfolio of projects to allow clients to see these in detail. Clients can also watch the new site for breaking news articles about the companies’ activities, achievements, industry happenings, and joint ventures. This technological development offers FMGOC many exciting avenues. For example, FMGOC finds strength in the diversity of its team, so it’s new careers section will make it much easier for applicants to respond to job postings, while strengthening the human resources team’s ability to select the right candidate for every position. Thanks to its strong leadership team, FMGOC continues to channel its profits into their community to support housing, infrastructure, health, recreation and community programs. Looking ahead, the team are continually seeking opportunities for new ventures, growth, and prosperity so that they can remain a local leader and support their community and customers alike. This will remain the group’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and prosperous future.