Canadian Business Awards 2020

12 CORPORATE VISION / Canadian Business Awards 2020 , David Sklar & Associates Inc. is the official winner of CV Magazine’s Licensed Insolvency Trustee of the Year Award. They were selected from this year’s list of remarkable nominees because of their excellent work, online accessibility, and stellar reviews. It’s the second time that they have held this thrilling title. In 2019, they received the same Licensed insolvency Trustee Award from CV Magazine. A year later, they have proven that they are still progressing with their services and impressing their many clients living in the Greater Toronto Area. David Sklar & Associates Inc. is a licensed insolvency trustee firm that has helped thousands of distressed debtors get through their financial struggles. They offer a variety of specialized services like Credit Counselling, Personal Bankruptcy, Division 1 Proposals, and Consumer Proposals to resolve issues like excessive debts and wage garnishments. Clients can accept one of these specialized debt relief services and receive valuable guidance that can get them back on their feet. Anyone that walks through the firm’s front doors needing assistance is treated with respect, understanding, and compassion. All of the licensed insolvency trustees are there to give honest but unfortunate debtors fresh starts and clean slates. They take the time to ensure that the debtor completely understands the process and answer all of their questions. They focus on preparing these clients with the proper tools and techniques to enter a new financial chapter in their lives, giving them the confidence and knowledge that they need to build wealth and secure a stronger financial future. After years of working in the insolvency industry, founder David Sklar wanted to help people get through tough financial times and move onto better, financially stable lives. He formed the firm David Sklar & Associates Inc. in 1997, and more than twenty years later, it has flourished. It now has six locations across the Greater Toronto Area. The firm has developed a wonderful reputation with clients. It has more than 450 5-Star reviews on Google — this is more 5-Star reviews than any other firm in Canada. It has over 750 5-Star reviews on Trust Pilot. It has been named the Best Business of 2019 by the website ThreeBestRated. More importantly, many clients spread their support through word of mouth, telling others living with financial trouble that Sklar is the place to go for help. They assure those friends and acquaintances that they will be in good hands. Ontario ranks as the second-highest province for Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal, and Division 1 Proposal filings in the country. On a smaller scale, the Greater Toronto Area has lots of residents who are trying to cope with financial problems and want to be treated with respect. That’s why David Sklar & Associates is one of the largest filers of Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcies in the GTA. The firm has a strong focus on online accessibility. Their website is mobile-friendly so that clients can easily scroll through the pages on their phones. They have a notable social media presence, sharing Celebrating New Beginnings: David Sklar & Associates Inc. Wins Licensed Insolvency Trustee of the Year 2020 Dec19114 informative content on their Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. They have up-to-date technology so that they are always in the loop. They have online applications and fast servers to guarantee that clients are only a few seconds away from reaching the content that they need. Speed and convenience are essential elements of their customer service. The trustees at David Sklar & Associates Inc. know that there are many reasons why people find themselves struggling with financial difficulties. Whether it is health issues, insufficient income, loss of a job, unexpected expenses, or even credit mismanagement. Anyone can get into debt. Most people understand the financial restrictions that come with debt, but they often neglect the emotional consequences that come with it. It is a challenging situation to go through, and it can feel like a heavy burden to carry. People feel stressed, scared, and alone. The experts at David Sklar & Associates Inc. understand the sensitivity behind it. They give their clients honest and helpful guidance about how to improve their finances without making them feel judged about how they got there. The respectful, sympathetic approach really resonates with clients. Being treated with respect and empathy goes a long way toward helping people wrestling with their finances. The licensed insolvency trustees at David Sklar & Associates Inc. put in the time and effort to make sure that they’ve left the office feeling taken care of every step of the way. The ultimate goal is not to just erase the debts of their clients. While that strategy solves the immediate problem of overdue payments and collection calls, it does not guarantee that the client will not be struggling years later. Sklar’s goal is to erase the debt and help clients rebuild their lives from the ground up. The clients learn the tools to stay out of debt and stay on track with their financial aspirations, and they get professional guidance and advice so that they’re confident with handling their money. The firm strives to teach every client to be financially savvy and stable for the rest of their lives. In the end, Sklar believes in new beginnings. Clients have an opportunity to forge a brand-new path. The trustees cannot follow them for every step they take, but they can guide them in the beginning and make sure that they are walking in the right direction. DAVID SKLAR & ASSOCIATES INC. Licensed Insolvency Trustee