Canadian Business Awards 2020

CORPORATE VISION / Canadian Business Awards 2020 19 , Best Skincare Clinic 2020 - Calgary The beauty industry has become saturated with new products and new solutions coming out more andmore frequently. Led byMarie Bertrand, SkinScience Inc has found its market in taking the time not only to create scientific solutions but explain to customers how to take care of them in the future. We took a look at how this company has gone from strength to strength within the industry. Founded in 2007, SkinScience began operations based on this simple principle from founder and CEO Marie Bertrand: “Your DNA is unique. Your skin is unique. Your skin care plan should be as well.” With this as the guiding influence, the business has managed to maintain a unique position offering bespoke treatment for every client, be they man, woman or teenager. The heart of SkinScience is in its focus on the needs of the individual. Client experiences and results are paramount here, with ethical and unbiased recommendations and regimes created by the specialists through careful consideration of what the client really wants. A deep understanding of all the products on the market, especially the way in which ingredients and formulation interact, means that clients can be secure that their solution will work for them. Several factors separate SkinScience from its competitors, first amongst them being its position as a middle ground between dermatologists and aestheticians. From consumer perspective, dermatologists don’t have the time to educate patients in skin maintenance after treating their skin, while aestheticians don’t have the medical knowledge to undertake this work. This means that SkinScience sits comfortably as the middle Nov19517 ground, with clients able to take advantages of both approaches. Another aspect of the business that is tremendously important is its position as a retail environment that places the needs of the customers at the front. Instead of using commissions and gratuities, the deliberate decision was made so that all revenue would be generated through results and recommendations would be as unbiased as possible. Photos are taken before and after to demonstrate how well treatments have worked and at every visit, the clients’ skin is reanalyzed and the goal and intended results are reaffirmed. With the state of a person’s skin so dependent on circumstance and background, it can be difficult to work out what is going to happen next and how to allow for it. The launch of SkinScience’s genetic test kit – SkinDNA – has been carefully designed to establish with 99.6% accuracy the future and the causes of skin aging. The benefit to clients is incredible with this analysis enabling SkinScience experts to offer the next level of customization. With this genetic data at an expert’s fingertips, it will be possible to make specific and targeted recommendations in terms of skin care products, procedures and oral supplements. Looking forward, SkinScience is set to change the way in which people learn about the industry, opening its own Centre of Excellence for Medical Aesthetics. This will offer a high- quality training course specializing in the subject, passing on a combined 50 years of experience in the industry. SkinScience will also be turning its attention to body treatments, as this is a rapidly growing category in the skin market. BodyScience will work with SkinScience, focusing exclusively on advanced body treatments including body contouring, fat reduction, stretch marks elimination, skin tightening and expert laser Contact Details SkinScience Inc Marie Bertrand hair removal treatments. Advanced nutritional consultations and BodyScience supplements will be launched to complement the new venture, maximizing outcomes for patients. The SkinScience story is one that focuses entirely on eschewing the vanity-led projects of others in favour of offering real help to those who need it. With a focus on positive results based on scientific principles, it’s of no surprise that this business has managed to make a mark on the industry, securing its place for years to come.