2021 Canadian Business Awards

Canadian Business Awards 2021 11 Jan21012 At a time when many in-person services have encountered sink-or-swim challenges, JB Salon is a hair care company looking to ensure its services remain a cut above the rest. JB Salon is professional hair care and laser services company based in Canada. Operating out of its flagship establishment in Murrayville Square, Langley, it is dedicated to offering a personalised consultation and overall service that will ensure it can meet the individual needs of every client. It seeks to create a friendly and warm environment in everything it does, offering a complimentary beverage to each of its customers, as well as free parking and convenient operating hours. Benefitting from being a part of Canada’s economy as well as from its numerous initiatives that work to help small businesses, JB Salon seeks to grow and eventually give back to the community that has supported it. It has already been involved in significant charity work to this end, including sponsorship of BC Children’s Hospital, Douglas Park Community School, and the Langley School district. JB Salon has a talented team of stylists, each with a variety of trainings and specialisations, some of which have over ten years of experience within their field. Each member of staff takes pride in their abilities to deliver the best service to fit the customer’s requests, and JB Salon handles all types of hair. It offers standard cutting and styling, chemical services including balayage and full head highlighting, and laser hair removal: all individual prices are listed on its website, alongside pre and post care tips for customers seeking to use its laser services. Hair care and styling is a dynamic industry, governed by trends that are always in flux over the course of seasons and in response to client demand. JB Salon adapts to these trends to continually improve its abilities and techniques, working to suit everyone’s needs. It has also had to find ways to adapt and survive during the pandemic, having seen many of its competitors lay off many of their staff or shut their doors completely. Fortunately for JB Salon, however, it has garnered a lot of goodwill in its local community with its multiple forays into charity and non-profit work. This has meant that it has been able to rely on its customers to support it through the onset of the outbreak and the ensuing challenges of the rest of the year. This has been especially pivotal considering the pandemic has seen stricter rules than ever regarding public safety in indoor spaces, even seeing some provinces take matters into its own hands to implement more safety measures in harder hit regions. Canada is attempting to make it easier than ever for businesses to keep track of Best Hair Salon - Metro Vancouver Covid-19 related news during this time, however, and a Covid-19 reopening tracker has been developed to keep track of which services are reopening in which areas. Canada is a very diverse country, with a large variety of hair types present in the population. JB Salon takes into this into account, approaching each client with diligence and respect to ensure it can see to their needs whilst respecting the culture of haircare they’re used to. Due to this, when looking for new hires, it seeks to keep diversity in mind internally too. Furthermore, it prioritises looking at the potential employee’s attention to detail, how people-oriented their mindset is, and how well they play with others in a customer service environment. Moving forward into the future, its plans involve a continued push for excellence within its field. Furthermore, it wishes to create an even safer environment within the salon for its customers so that it can continue to provide them with great hair care during the tumultuous time that the pandemic has created. JB Salon is also just as committed as ever to supporting its staff during this time, providing peace of mind and a caring attitude as it plans to continually grow and evolve. Company: JB Salon Contact: Amy Vu Website: www.jbsalon.com