2021 Canadian Business Awards

Canadian Business Awards 2021 17 homes. It finds its niche in helping fuel this attitude, and it maintains this pride internally as well as externally in every aspect of its business. Within Hometurf Lawn Care, it fosters a culture of familial attitudes, with all senior managers hired from within its ranks. In this way, due to having worked their way up from there, each manager understands what the operators’ work entails, and it has kept all its senior managers with an impressive zero turnover rate. In the future, it seeks to grow even further throughout Canada to offer its services to a much wider base of clients. Company: Hometurf Lawn Care Contact: Matthew Hooper Website: www.hometurf.ca Dec20507 Lawn care company Hometurf Lawn Care discusses its business, as well as why it’s seen an increased demand for its services in this new world’s ever-shifting paradigm. Founded in 1988, Hometurf Lawn Care is a Canadian operated lawn care company. Currently, it operates across both Ontario and Calgary to offer its clients the best lawn care at competitive rates. It takes pride in being a locally owned business and an accredited company within the Better Business Bureau – it has been a member since 1994 and has consistently held an A+ rating. It also enjoys associations with other organisations, licensed by the Canadian government and holding long-term memberships in Landscape Ontario and the Professional Lawn Care Association. Its services include two specially designed lawncare programs. The foremost of these, dubbed its best value program, is a lawn maintenance plan that pans out across six visits to the client’s property. During these visits, Hometurf Lawn Care handles different aspects of lawn care to complete a full package that will leave a healthy green space when it is complete. Such elements include season long fertilization, season long weed control, comprehensive lawn analysis in every visit, surface insect control, lawn aeration, and free re-seeding of bald areas of land. The other program it offers is its deluxe package, which offers the same comprehensive service across a shorter time-period. Additionally, Hometurf Lawn Care also offers single services such as aeration, granular compost and seed, weed control for paths, patios and driveways, grub control, dethatching, overseeding, soil rejuvenating and crab grass control. Its service is unique in its customer first attitude, raising it above the ranks of its competition. It provides thousands of free applications of over- seeding every year to ensure that its clients are totally happy with the lawn care they receive. Furthermore, its services have seen it be called upon extensively during the past year. At a time when most industries are feeling the keen sting of the pandemic impacting revenue streams and customer buying habits on a global level, the lawn care industry is at the forefront of another interesting trend entirely. There is a newfound appreciation amongst homeowners for their outdoor spaces. As people find themselves sequestered inside their private dwellings for months at a time, work from home culture has turned the home into the venue for all aspects of life. Green spaces in people’s communities and in private spaces such as gardens and front lawns became more important than ever to both mental and physical Best Family-Run Lawn Care Business 2021 health. Due to this, Hometurf Lawn Care has been called on more and more to satisfy a rising demand to care for this greenery. Another industry pivot has been the turn towards more environmentally conscious practices. As a company that interacts directly with the natural world to cultivate its ecosystems, Hometurf Lawn Care has become more dedicated to consciously overserving corporate responsibility: its work seeks to create healthy turf that improves air quality, the water table, and the overall health of the area. It plants enough seeds each year to cover 2000 football fields. In terms of region, this company benefits from Canada’s national attitude of pride in its green spaces, as well as the large amount of residential