2021 Canadian Business Awards

Canadian Business Awards 2021 23 approach with businesses, the team have been able to achieve overwhelmingly positive results with their clients. Of course, the world is constantly changing, but the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated that change considerably. We celebrate the success of i-Lanam Technologies not just for being an intrinsic part of that change, but for bringing businesses large and small along with them. Company: i-Lanam Technologies Name: Prasoon Sinha Web Address: www.i-lanamtechnologies.com Dec20193 When looking for someone who can deliver new and innovative mobile applications, you want to find people who have a passion for the industry. Certainly, there are none finer than i-Lanam Technologies. We take a closer look to see how their approach has been able to benefit clients from a range of different industries. When a business invests in an app, they’re investing in new ways in which their customers can interact with them. This means that the app must be adaptable, in order to meet customer needs while also matching the requirements of a business. At i-Lanam Technologies, the aim is to provide a mobile application with frictionless customer experience and its functionality needs to align entirely with the company’s core business function. When leveraged correctly, a mobile app can be a boon to companies of all shapes and sizes, improving brand visibility, customer engagement and revenue generation. The team design scalable and profitable solutions, with a team of experienced developers, project managers and business analysts who know the market well and ensure it will thrive. Many companies simply don’t see the benefits that digitization can bring, but at i-Lanam Technologies, they not only understand the need, but value the capital that goes into investment into this new sector. As such, the team are ideally equipped to work with clients in industries where traditional ways of business are still the norm. No business, no matter how big or small, can have the same opportunities if they cannot go beyond physical boundaries. By encouraging them to expand globally through the use of the internet, they can meet a worldwide audience of customers. To ensure success throughout development, the team at i-Lanam Technologies undertakes enormous research into various industries. The team analyse the markets, as well as the needs of the client to understand what the best solution for them will be. This reduces the cost of development considerably, while also resulting in a cost-efficient application development phase. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way in which many businesses operate, opening the doors to an international, online marketplace. Businesses which previously relied in physical interaction have struggled, but it has opened the door to the new possibilities of working online. By helping industries to recover, and find new, safe ways of working, it’s clear that the IT industry as a whole will continue to thrive. Local businesses will be able to go global by launching their own app, reaching not only the customers who they used to be able to serve with ease, but reaching new clients as well. Best Leading Website & Mobile Application - Ontario Canada has provided an excellent base of operations for this impressive team, with people from different countries and backgrounds brining a wealth of ideas to the table. Each has the potential to become an excellent option for business, and if channelled properly can bring about extraordinary results. The approach of the team, one of fairness and building on experience, is reflected in how they hire new employees. Even throughout the recruitment drive, the sharing of knowledge is a vital part. This doesn’t mean finding flaw, instead focusing on the strengths of the individual and the qualities that serve them best. By using this