Canadian Business Awards 2022

Desert Mountain Energy is an advanced development company that has vertically integrated into the zero-carbon helium production operation in Arizona in the USA. Fundamentally, the company has been working hard to integrate an ESG program that addresses environmental factors that the company comes across during its working process, implementing equal hires practices and strict corporate governance in order to keep itself compliant. This dedication to ensured, third-party witnessed compliance is something that forms a big part of its operation, as oversight in the energy creation industry is something that is not just desirable, but necessary. Additionally, DME is one of the few publicly trading resource companies with 3 female board members, planning to power its future finishing facility with solar and hydrogen as opposed to the fossil fuels that are both traditionally incredibly toxic to the environment and fast depleting. In this manner, DME will be attaining its helium from wells that are predominantly nitrogen as opposed to producing it from gas fields whereupon this is traditionally done. DME is drilling wildcat wells looking for new fields in areas in Arizona that have never produced helium. Most North American helium companies are looking for helium in old, known, abandoned natural oil and gas fields in the Western US and Canada. The company has discovered 2 new helium fields – more than much of its competition has – setting itself apart from its competition and showing to stakeholders the ability to take the initiative that this company has. It displays a singular tenacity that is undaunted by challenge and that it plies throughout its operations, from securing new sources of energy to closing deals with important partners or investors. With helium prices having increased of late, this is more important than ever. DME, in essence, is funnelling more and more effort into client retention and outreach as a result, showing them continually that their faith in its services continuing is still a smart decision through its continued dedication to their satisfaction and its ability to persevere. With less development money going into new traditional gas fields across the board, and the depletion of the BLM storage facility in Texas that had up until recently been such a booming epicentre of industrial prowess, the impact of Covid-19 has been sorely felt in the energy sector from supply chains to new hires. Therefore, corporate resources have been a challenge to maintain across the board. It wishes to attract new, young minds to the industry, but the pandemic has made attracting new professionals difficult as not only could people meet face to face to determine compatibility, but more often than not many of these people start work from home and have remained there. Similarly, regarding supply chains, even when borders began to reopen and things became somewhat less congested, coping with the backlog and the efficiency blockers that had developed over the course of the outbreak is still something that is being felt to this day across multiple shipping routes. Best Helium Exploration & Development Company - North America A company committed to the exploration, development and production of helium, an irreplaceable and valuable gas widely used by high-tech industries. Desert Mountain Energy is an Arizona-based company with a talented and innovative team of committed people behind it. Critically, it hopes to be able to work harder than ever to step up to the plate for the recovering heliummarket, recognizing the turmoil it has gone through of late and aiding it in taking the next step towards greater success. By doing this, it hopes to be part of the solution for a global heliummarket in deficit. All this being said, it is still a proud Canadian company with a proud Canadian heritage. It will continue to use this long into the future to secure international deals and partnerships, making a vast number of friends and allies in its industry and maintaining the benefits that come from being based in Canada, such as raised risk capital. Thus, as it moves forward into 2022 and beyond, it is looking forward to moving back into pushing for new hires in order to expand its team even further with additional new perspectives and bright new voices who will shape its future. DME is incredibly sensible of the fact that the world is changing, and that in order to change and adapt alongside such things, it will need a variety of viewpoints within its ranks from whom it can pool ideas and gauge the level to which any given plan is ‘future friendly’. Each member of staff within its team works hard and with a diligence that is truly industry-leading, providing the invaluable commodity of energy to the US domestic market and knowing the company they work for like the backs of their hands in order to know where it is heading and to what end. Therefore, in the future, it hopes that new hires will let this team speak for themselves in telling them the reasons why they’d be a compelling team to join. DME can promise a familial, considerate, and intelligent environment where everyone is working towards a common goal and is equally in the know, where every voice matters, and the background of the employee does not make their opinion any more or less valid than anyone else’s. Due to this renewed hiring effort, it expects 2022 to be a busy, dynamic, and fast-moving year – and this isn’t just thanks to its ambitions in expanding the team – as it hopes that with this increase in staff it will be able to drill 7 new helium wells in the coming year in addition to bringing onboard new production in Q2. This, it hopes, will directly result in a bolstered cash flow for the company and a serious increase in productivity, product reach, and company standing within the energy sector, making itself more of a linchpin of the industry one satisfied client at a time. It also wishes to see the helium industry recovering in the coming year. With supply chains getting back on their feet and having developed an +85,000-hectare helium project in the Holbrook Basin of Northern Arizona, it has truly made itself a fiercely competitive element, its basin HQ holding the highest grades of Helium in the world. Helium, after all, is such an irreplaceable part of so many high-tech solutions all over the world, the global shortage hitting many high-income industries incredibly hard as a result and finding themselves smacked with an 135% increase in the price of crude helium over the past 12 months; DME promises to become an invaluable partner to these professionals in the years to come. Company: Desert Mountain Energy Contact: Don Mosher Website: