Canadian Business Awards 2022

As a boutique consulting firm in Canada, HireProfile Consulting has been acknowledged as Leaders in Board Governance for 2022. Pursuing the development and improvement of good governance practices, HireProfile acts as trusted advisors who aid numerous Boards and CEOs inmeeting their mandates, rethinking governance processes, and improving board performance. Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, HireProfile Consulting focuses on providing training, support and tools to Boards and CEOs to enable stellar board performance. Mainly connected to mid-size, large-for-profit, not-forprofit and crown sectors, they implement ‘best in class’ policies and practical solutions to influence the board culture and keep the conversation in the boardroom focused on the board’s role as an overseer. “We understand the nuances of Board leadership, and we all share a love and passion for enabling Boards. This IS our cause. We are a one-of-akind firm in our field due to the diversity of skill and well-rounded industry experience we bring to our clients,” states Founder Mubarka Butt. The team comprises exceptionally talented former Chief Strategy and People Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director/CEO, with qualifications ranging from Governance Professionals of Canada Designation (GPC.D), Governance Risk Compliance Professional (GRCP), Associate Actuary designation, Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy, and Senior Professional in Human Resources - International (SPHRi). With their vast skillset backing up the company’s core, its team members can bring an array of experience including strategic board governance, compliance, HR, accounting and finance, risk management, strategic planning and performance measurement, executive compensation, and board administration to its clients. For boards that require ongoing support HireProfile offers Contract Governance to help them achieve their shared accountabilities. With clients dispersed across the country, HireProfile is seemingly blessed, with Canada being a progressive country with great opportunities to adopt cutting edge ideologies in governance. Mubarka explains, “Recently, there has been great uptake of global awareness on Board diversity, and Canadian corporate leaders are paying attention to this issue just as much. Having lived in four countries, I know all too well the barriers that come with being a woman in a leadership role. However, being a female leader spearheading best governance practices, I have felt enabled and supported in Canada.” Compared to competitors, HireProfile was established to stand apart from the crowd, acknowledged as ‘champions of shared leadership.’ However, the sole reason it is so great at helping Boards find a solid footing with their CEOs and vice versa is that it’s what they love to do, not just what they signed up for. HireProfile understands that even the most capable CEOs are not a solo act. The best of CEOs need clarity and direction from their boards. It is a daunting task to report to a board of directors that comes with complex challenges of meeting the expectations of multiple bosses. “We proactively manage the relationship dynamic and coach and support each party in putting their best foot forward for desired performance. This not only makes us unique in the world of governance consulting, but it also makes us the trusted advisor, liaison and ‘therapist’ that helps bring clarity to each party’s role and keeps unnecessary stresses at bay. Our clients count on us to help them move the needle on board culture” explains Mubarka. Currently, there has been a shift in the industry, with new trends emerging that HireProfile is keeping a firm eye on. Some of these trends affect the clients it works with, starting within the area of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), which organizations will need to observe closely. Mubarka explains, “They must do a good job at learning the ESG factors that are important to their stakeholders. For example, Not-for-Profits could use a deeper understanding of ESG to highlight the social impact of their pursuing causes. Moreover, Board Diversity which also falls under ESG and is vital to organizational success is getting a long-overdue spotlight, and we are paying very close attention to the positive trends taking place in that area.” With the growing need for diversity on Boards, Mubarka has created a start-up - BoardBe, which allows Boards to connect to immensely qualified candidates, enabling high performing and high potential professionals to get noticed by Boards for causes of significant social impact. For 2022, HireProfile is looking forward to the outreach and engagement of Boards across Canada concerning BoardBe. “We are looking forward to having Board vacancies in Canada be accessible through BoardBe,” states Mubarka. With a great location, the launch of its start-up and an abundance of opportunities, HireProfile is under the guidance of one of the most exceptional women in the industry. Pushing through personal and professional barriers to ensure the company is performing to the best of its ability and with opportunities becoming vast, inclusive and accepted across the nation, Mubarka Butt and her team at HireProfile aim to make a difference to the nation, one Board at a time. Company Name: HireProfile Consulting Contact Name: Mubarka Butt Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Dec21401 Recognized Leaders in Board Governance 2022 From Left: Mubarka Butt (Founder), Shaz Azam, Shannan Corey.