Canadian Business Awards 2022

With decades of financial experience from its highly trained teammembers, Triple J Canada Consulting Inc provides accounting services and taxation consulting to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) residents and small to mediumbusinesses. Recognized for its wealth of knowledge and skills within the industry, Triple J has been named the Most Reliable Accounting and Tax Consulting Firm in the GTA for 2022. Founded in 2006 and based in Mississauga, Ontario, Triple J Canada Consulting Inc strives to create professional, sustainable, and reliable relationships with its clients. In doing so, the company ensures that clientele will receive an unparalleled service supported by decades of industry experience and financial insight tailored to individual needs. For Triple J, communication and caring for its clients are its highest priority. While some organizations may label clients as numbers or a cheque to cash, Triple J takes great pride in understanding the needs of its clientele, listening to their concerns and financial life events that, in the end, affect taxing scenarios. In essence, Triple J can fully incorporate its caring motivation to provide genuine solutions in a timely manner whilst exceeding expectations – delivering a comprehensive customer-centric approach to the industry whilst staying ahead amongst competitors. As a business, several factors capture the mission of Triple J whilst proving its excellence within the industry. Firstly, the company is always readily available. During business hours, clients can call, email, or walk into the establishment without booking into the office as many inquiries can be solved within 30 minutes. Secondly, Triple J offers its clients annual packages that release the pressure of ‘charging for hours,’ allowing clients to reach out if they need help during the year. An innovative approach to accounting and tax consultancy that is highly regarded amongst industry professionals. Moreover, Triple J is proud of its flexibility, adapting and responding quickly to market changes that can affect the needs of its clients. For example, during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic Most Reliable Accounting & Tax Consulting Firm - GTA in March 2020, Triple J could direct its customers to its online platform speedily. Due to the continuous disruptions caused by the outbreak, the business invested heavily in its online presence and its online platform to ensure continuity, stability and keep up to date with the current state of the world. Thus, providing customers with another option for contact, proving its dedication and communication that overall, gives clients the satisfaction and care they expect from financial advisors. At Triple J, its financial professionals have copious amounts of extensive hands-on experience with various accounting and tax cases. Therefore, the company is able to not only find the right solutions within a short timeframe but can develop templates that quickens calculation with precision. The most significant trend in any industry has been the digitalization of businesses. More so concerning accounting and tax, with the addition of cloud accounting, tax preparation automation and AI. Because of this, clients can find out more information whilst doing updates upon the CRA’s website. However, clients are encouraged and continue to reach out to businesses like Triple J to provide clarification, analysis, planning, suggestions, and solutions – not just data entry help. Thus, at Triple J, clients are offered professional services with up-to-date technical knowledge all in one place. Due to the combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and the uprise in digitalization within the industry, the company adapted and turned to additional experts in SEO to ensure that clients could find its services and business offerings easier. Because of this, opportunities arose for Triple J with the addition of new clients from a younger and prominently tech-savvy generation. Moreover, the team itself became updated in technological advances and revised their personal skills to ensure that the business was state of the art, and so were its offerings. For Triple J in 2022, the business aims to project its services into a different market, focusing on more medium-sized businesses whilst developing additional online services and tools for the modern-day client. Furthermore, launching within the new year, Triple J will be releasing an updated version of its online tax platform to encourage more visitors. With bigger and brighter additions on their way, Triple J plans to reinvent the accounting and tax consultation sector by leading the industry, one update at a time. Company Name: Triple J Canada Consulting Inc. Contact Name: Triple J Tax Team Web Address: Contact Email [email protected]