Canadian Business Awards 2022

In times like these, it’s vital to take a step back and reconnect with yourself. Wherever you stand on your spiritual journey, there is always something different to discover – a new path to take, a new area to connect with. Indeed, Liberate Your True Self is a metaphysical store that works to guide people towards spiritual healing, enhancing their intuition, and aligning themselves with their true purpose. Taking care of your spiritual health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. Liberate Your True Self serves to walk people through their path of spiritual healing, helping them as they release the negative energies that are preventing them from reaching their higher purpose. The company frees its customers from the things that no longer serve them, so that they can reach their greatest, unrestricted potential, and make life choices that are in alignment with their soul. Providing an extensive range of products, including pendants, incense, and oracle decks, Liberate Your True Self operates as both an online store as well as an inperson store in Port Moody, British Columbia. Liberate Your True Self’s inventory is vast – hosting numerous top-ofthe-range products. Supplying popular, world-renowned items such as Kim Krans’ Wild Unknown Pocket Tarot deck, Liberate Your True Self appeals to a wide range of customers. Furthermore, its extensive range of crystals, an area that is increasing in popularity, promotes healing and guidance. Each having unique properties, Liberate Your True Self clearly lays out the benefits of the crystals and gemstones – for example, the Amethyst allows one to be more serene and aware, aiding in the alleviation of stress. Whereas Aquamarine brings clarity and courage and brings spiritual protection. Moreover, Liberate Your True Self offers both healing and learning courses. Indeed, its healing course frees clients from stuck emotions, fear, and pain, delivering them clarity and balance. Dissatisfaction and stagnation are rarely rooted in the physical world – instead, the causes can often be found at the energetic and spiritual levels, which informs our physical reality, what we attract into our life experiences, and how we react to those experiences. Liberate Your True Self focuses on the underlying energies, dealing with issues ranging from a negative self-worth, all the way to issues that occurred in a past-life. In recent years, there has been an increased interest in all things metaphysical and people have turned to new tools in order to shape their lives and decrease negative energies. A lot of people, over these past few years, have had the opportunity to contemplate what is important to them and where they want change in their life. Many are turning away from the status quo, and are wanting time for self-reflection, self-care, and doing what brings them joy. It should be said, however, that many of these practices have been around for centuries. Spirituality and the practices surrounding it are not a trend, nor should it be treated as such. Liberate Your True Self has plans to expand, taking its services global. It believes that people, no matter where they’re located, should be able to access high-quality spiritual healing services. There are a lot of artificial or unethically mined crystals sold online, and as a result, Liberate Your True Self strives to provide customers with 100% natural, ethically mined, and sustainably processed gemstones. Ultimately, the company hopes to aid more people as they begin to explore their spirituality. Contact: Amelie St-Pierre Company: Liberate Your True Self Web Address: Dec21288 Best Spiritual Crystal & Gemstone Company - British Columbia