Canadian Business Awards 2022

Quality first aid training is vital – it can, in some circumstances, be the difference between life and death. Durham First Aid Inc. understands that confidence is key, it is more important than a certification, and it infuses this within each of its participants. In 2022, the provider will be opening a new site, increasing its important services further across the region. Knowing how to provide first aid safely and effectively is a vital skill, henceforth, Durham First Aid Inc. works as a training partner of the Canadian Red Cross in order to educate and train people through highquality first aid and CPR/AED courses. Durham First Aid Inc. has opted to take a learner-oriented approach, as it believes that it is imperative for people to remember these skills over the long-term. Be it training to remain in accordance with the Ontario Health and Safety and WSIB First Aid standards in the workplace or a voluntary course, Durham First Aid Inc. is equipped to bestow a wide range of first aid skills upon its customers. Durham First Aid Inc. does away with the industry-wide focus on certifications and pieces of paper that say you have been trained in First Aid and CPR. Instead, it provides its clients with real skills and knowledge that are worth significantly more than a certificate – in the event of an emergency Durham First Aid Inc. wants its participants to be able to confidently provide first aid. Furthermore, the company assists businesses to ensure that they remain compliant with occupational health and safety standards, this includes guiding them to the right course, right first aid kit, and making sure that it has the right number of employees trained. Working in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross, Durham First Aid Inc. abides by the 7 fundamental principles of the Red Cross - humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality. As a result, Durham First Aid Inc. guarantees a safe, neutral, and impartial classroom setting that has been developed to make its participants feel comfortable. Moreover, each of Durham First Aid Inc.’s first aid programs are based upon extensive scientific research conducted by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation which has been adopted by the Red Cross and features within its practices. As the company must uphold the Canadian Red Cross standards, it is imperative that it maintains a skilled and diverse group of staff that are willing to work alongside the public. Its vast staff base consists of experienced first responders and health care officials, certified educators such as teachers, and instructors that have chosen this as their full-time career. Additionally, Durham First Aid Inc. recruits employees from agencies, particularly the Durham Region Unemployment Centre and the John Howard Society, which provides jobs to at risk youths. The company thrives upon a foundation of clear communication, efficiency, and a devotion to servicing the wider community. In turn, this proved to be a great benefit throughout the pandemic, as the team has worked to cultivate safe and accessible training. Whilst the pandemic did have a great impact on numerous industries, Durham First Aid Inc. took an innovative approach to ensure that it was able to continue its operations. However, a key factor of its survival was its willingness to invest in new training equipment, as it enables participants to have the same experience but without coming into close contact with other people. Therefore, Durham First Aid Inc. has been able to offer the same course, but with a few minor tweaks to guarantee social distancing. 2022 is set to be an incredibly busy year for Durham First Aid Inc. A major event for the company will be the opening of a new training centre in Ajax, increasing from its three rooms in Oshawa. It is expecting to acquire the building in July, and, after renovations, will be opening its doors to the public in the autumn. As a result, Durham First Aid Inc. will have a wider reach across the region and will be more accessible by public transit. Contact: Erika Andrusiak Company: Durham First Aid Inc. Web Address: Jan22499 Best First Aid & CPR Training Provider – Ontario