Canadian Business Awards 2022

The John McGivney Children’s Centre has been providing evidence-based, family-centric holistic care to children and youth with special needs across the Windsor/Essex region of Ontario for over 40 years. This work has won a Canadian Business Award fromCorporate Vision. Here we speak to CEO Jessica Sartori about The John McGivney Children’s Centre and its highly specialized programs and services helping children and youth reach their full potential. The John McGivney Children’s Centre (JMCC) provides specialized programs, outpatient clinical treatment and support to thousands of children and youth across the Windsor/Essex region with physical, communication and developmental needs, and their families. “Our dedicated professional staff supports approximately 3,000 children and youth each year,” says Jessica Sartori, CEO. “Our team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, augmentative communication, mobility, autism, and other staff help children, youth and families to achieve great things at home, at school and in their community. We work with each family to look at the whole child and together create a plan to make their goals possible.” As one of 21 Children’s Treatment Centres in Ontario, funded by the Ministry of Children Community and Social Services, JMCC is the only Children’s Treatment Centre in the Windsor/Essex region. JMCC was awarded with Exemplary Standing 2021-2025 by Accreditation Canada - their highest award. “This challenges us to meet national standards of excellence, and to continually improve the quality and safety of our services for our clients and their families,” adds Ms. Sartori. “At JMCC, we remain committed to our vision to be centre of hope, support and inspiration, working together toward a future of participation, acceptance, and opportunities for everyone. This an exciting time for us, as we look forward to enhancing our current programs, starting some new innovative programming, and engaging in the development of a new strategic plan that will signal our focus areas for the next several years.” Contact: Jessica Sartori Company: The John McGivney Children’s Centre Web Address: Jan22638 Best Paediatric Therapy & Support Provider - Windsor & Essex County Canadian Business Awards 2022 41