Canadian Business Awards 2023

Companies do provide with online resources, but Jonathan says, “The current methods of technological support don’t work for everyone, especially the elderly who’ve been forced to use these technologies even when they don’t want to. Most tech support is geared towards a younger demographic, often seniors are told to go online, when they’re typically used to being able to go somewhere, talk to someone, and get some support.” “Bridging the gap between people and technology.” When it comes to helping others, Mountain Mac Solutions has provided support even throughout extremely trying times. When Covid-19 descended, we found ourselves having to adapt to a new world. Jonathan shares, “The number of remote workers has exploded, video conferences are daily now, and people are working remotely. We are using technology more since the pandemic than ever before.”, with this change the demand for technological support has increased. Mountain Mac Solutions provides its services face to face or remotely to small businesses and home users in a 1:1 basis. Jonathan explains “I make sure my customers are informed and understand that I am here for continued ongoing support. I can spend more time and provide a better 1 on 1 experience as I’m the Owner, the tech, and the sales guy.” Jonathan encourages customers to request support even if it is not detailed as a service in its website. When it comes to helping a small business with their technology, Mountain Mac Solutions is able to support them with the launching of either a retail store or online sales environment, Jonathan adds, “I can also provide them with the strategy and documentation to help with the training of staff.” This dedication to ever evolving times helps Mountain Mac Solutions to stay one step ahead of its competition, at all times. The clients that come to Mac Solutions for support are supported throughout as Jonathan shares “I’m just able to relate to my customer better than the average person cause technology is not always simple but it’s great when it works.” Mac Solutions quality of work has been recognized two years in a row in the Canadian Business Awards. In 2022 it won Best Mobile Shop Southern Interior BC and has now been awarded with Best Computer/Mobile Device Repairs Shop - Southern Interior BC 2023. The future is looking particularly bright for Mountain Mac Solutions as it continues to grow, adjust, and provide its invaluable services to a wide variety of customers. Contact: Johnathan Heckbert Company: Mountain Mac Solutions Web Address: Https:// Dec22167 Best Computer/Mobile Device Repairs Shop - Southern Interior BC Mountain Mac Solutions provides 1:1 support with technology devices to small businesses and home users, either face to face or remotely. Service varies from repairs to training to data recovery. We speak to the Owner, Johnathan Heckbert, to find out more after being recognised in the Canadian Business Awards 2023. Technology has evolved hugely over the past decade and even though most people now have access to devices of all sorts, not many people know everything about such devices or how to fix them if need be. Here is where Mountain Mac Solutions comes in, it provides repairs, training, networking, malware removal, data recovery, and technical for computer/mobile devices. The company has a speciality on Apple devices but also works with Windows and Android. Its Owner, Johnathan Heckbert, has 15 years of experience in the IT field and found a gap that his company now fills. He explains, “I’ve found working with the average person and how technology is utilized in our daily lives that there is a gap between purchase and support, no matter the company.”