Canadian Business Awards 2023

Jan23237 Founded in 2012, family-run company Cree-Con Construction Inc. offers comprehensive commercial concrete services. to commercial clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas, from small businesses like Diego Concrete to industry leaders like Pagnotta Industries and Dawson Wallace Construction. They are the go to contractor for concrete flatworks and complete concrete site work services , the team pride themselves every day for producing high quality finished products. Cree-Con is tackling the challenges of encouraging new hires into the trade, while providing the best working environment possible for its existing employees. When Cree-Con was established in April 2012, the company had 5 employees, mainly family members. Now, 11 years since its foundation, the company has 24 employees at its peak season. The company was created with the goal that Cree-Con reflects its founders’ personal core values. These are firstly that all employees should be treated like family and secondly that employees will be given the opportunity to grow and advance to their full potential. This has cultivated a team that takes pride in their work and goes above and beyond at every job site. With a team of hardworking commercial concrete specialists, Cree-Con owes its success to its unique employees. The company consistently provides excellent services as a result, so clients can have peace of mind when Cree-Con’s team is on site. With constant developments in the construction industry, Cree-Con has set itself apart from its competition by becoming one of the top structural flat floor specialists along with the highest regards for final product of complete concrete site services. The company’s employees are knowledgeable, efficient and safety driven. Cree-Con is also flexible and accommodating in schedule changes due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances, which is a necessary part of working in construction. It is important to the owners of Cree-Con, Dennis and Karma Hunter, that their company has visions, values and beliefs that align with their employees’. At Cree-Con, every position is important. No individual role is better than another. This contributes to how well the team works together. The owners are involved in the everyday activities of working on site, as they want their team to know they have respect for the daily jobs involved in concrete construction. The crew has been together for over 10 years, so their teamwork skills are unmatched. This is a huge part of what makes Cree-Con’s team one of the fastest concrete placing companies in Edmonton. Due to the physically demanding nature of concrete construction, there is a lack of new hires in the industry. Cree-Con attends trade shows and youth career events to seek new hires and to encourage younger applicants to consider working in concrete construction. This is proving to be challenging, but Cree-Con continues to take on employees with minimal experience with the vision of helping them learn and advance within the company. Having won Best Family-Run Concrete Construction Company, Alberta, in the Canadian Business Awards, Cree-Con looks towards a bright future for concrete construction in Edmonton. The city has approved over 70 high-rise, low-rise, and warehouse spaces for development. Cree-Con is currently working on the Parks and the Falcon in the downtown area, as well as the Fulton, Home Depot, and Anthony Henday business park buildings 1 and 2. The company is also acquiring at least 3 more high-rise developments within Pagnotta Industries along with work on several commercial sites with Dawson Wallace Construction. Contact: Karma Hunter Company: Cree-Con Construction Inc. Web Address: Best Family-Run Concrete Construction Company - Alberta Canadian Business Awards 2023 9