Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2020

Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2020 13 When an organisation needs help tackling transformation challenges that lie ahead, an external specialist can help to provide a fresh perspective. Orran Partners provides clients with experienced senior executives to act as leaders, managers or advisors who can take the company through changes that may be outside of a management team’s time constraints or comfort zone. Working from the UK and capable of supporting globally, the team provide in company executive leadership, acting either as interims, program managers or on a project basis to solve problems and help companies seize new opportunities. Whether a client faces a financial challenge, operational restructuring, or wishes to expand their products and services, Orran Partners provides the expertise necessary for senior teams to excel. As hands-on decision makers, they will work with management teams to make and jointly own decisions, then execute without leaving clients to take responsibility for everything themselves. Orran Partners’ capabilities are broad and far- reaching. From turnaround and restructuring, to fund raising and negotiations; the company seeks to implement sustainable strategies with a particular emphasis on organisation design, structure and processes that generate a robust corporate culture. Utilising the broad executive management experiences of founder, Stuart Yates, Orran Partners leave lasting changes in organisations whilst developing company personnel to ensure changes and improvements are maintained. Each member of the team possesses different technical skills and expertise, complementing each other by integrating multi disciplines. All have a deep well of experience to draw from. In every project Orran Partners establishes a clear picture of the client’s objectives and how they are defined. This is an essential part of the process, as it provides a foundation for their action plan. If these objectives evolve, as they often do, then the implications are discussed and agreed with clients in a collaborative manner. Believing that broad communication and openness are imperative, the team strive to implement effective client engagement governance processes. This allows client personnel to understand what the engagement is aiming to achieve and what the changes delivered mean for them. Leading Experts in Corporate Restructuring & Operational Performance Improvements 2020 Oct20269 The company has a proven track record of effectiveness, flexibility and fast response. The broad nature of Orran Partners’ expertise has allowed them to bring proficient and much- needed change to organisations during the COVID pandemic. With services delivered both virtually and physically, they have shown that they can apply their skills to a range of different settings and scenarios. Like many businesses in the UK, Orran Partners had to adapt to using virtual channels of communication. The company quickly became experts in managing interaction with many tiers of client personnel through various digital channels, whilst understanding the importance of maintaining focussed individual contact over the phone. Whenever possible the team have made efforts to meet clients on site, knowing that this is the most effective and personable way to do business. In April and May of this year, they took part in developing COVID-safe operating practices for four UK factories. Orran Partners’ active engagement and continued success during this crisis are a testament to their team’s adaptability and skill. Commenting on Orran Partners’ plans for the future, founder Stuart Yates said, “Our aspirations are simply to be able to get back to normal life and enjoy ourselves a bit. We always saw the pandemic as a long stretch with the winter being the hardest time, but it has become clear now that it has fundamentally changed the world.” Acknowledging there will be enduring COVID consequences which may change the way business is conducted forever. The pandemic has disrupted how management is administered and remote working is truly testing leaders. Management teams will have to continue to adapt to entirely new ways of working, learning how to trust and motivate their staff under these new conditions. It is a true test of the strength of leadership processes within organisations. As Orran Partners has done, companies around the world will need to learn the management skills required to survive and maintain their client service values in this new paradigm. Contact: Stuart Yates Company: Orran Partners Limited Web Address: