Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2020

Oct20492 Best Emerging Global Career Development Network 2020 Founded in 2014, Apprentice Worldwide is a career development organisation created to support young professionals in their quest for success. Following their recent success in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards, we profiled the organisation to discover how the team excel in preparing young adults for their professional lives. Apprentice Worldwide support young professionals by providing them with a network of executives, or “Global Mentors,” that provide guidance wherever possible through one-on-one interactions and training. They also provide educational opportunities for young leaders to build the “soft skills” necessary to adapt to the work environment. The organisation began supporting graduating college students and later expanded to all young adults to reach a wider audience. Alongside this, Apprentice Worldwide host networking events locally and online with global professionals in their industries. As a global support network, Apprentice Worldwide is comprised of individuals with a common set of characteristics that are looking to help each other succeed. Due to their generous volunteers, most of the organisation’s services are free. Associates and apprentices are immediately connected with a global network in over 40 locations with mentors who want to help. Each program takes into consideration the goals of apprentices and associates, and events are then created that are based around fulfilling them. When looking for talent to join their network, Apprentice Worldwide seeks out people with a global perspective and a phenomenal attitude. According to Hernan Mayol, Founder & CEO of Apprentice Worldwide, these qualities are more commonly found than one would expect. “After 25 years in financial services travelling around the world, I realized that many people are interested in helping others without necessarily having to have a business relationship only,” says Hernan, “These people have become part of our inner circle as Mentors, Advisors and Coaches.” In upholding a standard of only accepting talent with a broad perspective and a positive attitude, Apprentice Worldwide is ensuring the strength and proficiency of their global network. They apply similar standards to choosing apprentices, so that only the best of the best is selected. Apprentices are nominated by members of the organisation based upon their academic achievement, professional demeanour, and leadership skills. These apprentices can choose to stay with the organisation after graduation as associates, so that they can continue to train and develop themselves as young professionals. Apprentice Worldwide has created a support network which contributes to creating a skilled and globally minded community of ever-improving young leaders. The organisation has continued to do so throughout the Covd-19 pandemic, and in many ways the conditions in which they have been forced to work have been a blessing in disguise. As the pandemic encourages people to connect with each other virtually, Apprentice Worldwide’s network has grown. In refocusing from local to virtual, the organisation was able to offer opportunities to interns from universities to gain practical experience and interact with executives. This has led to these individuals directly receiving opportunities from mentors. Over the course of the next year, Apprentice Worldwide plans to double the number of members that participate in their programs and expand their locations from 40 to 50. Hernan Mayol assures that, “We will do so regardless of the pandemic.” The organisation is capitalising on the fact that people are working from home to find ways of being able to communicate more effectively around the world. Instead of letting their work be hindered by it, Apprentice Worldwide are embracing the positives that come from widespread change. Through helping young people succeed professionally and ensuring that they maintain a strong character, Apprentice Worldwide are providing a community service. The organisation recognises that, “Young adults have a difficult time during the first years after they graduate because they have to figure many things out and do not have the adequate help from experienced individuals. We create the places and the spaces for these interactions to occur and look forward to doing more in the coming years.” Contact: Hernan Mayol, Founder and CEO Company: Apprentice Worldwide Web Address: