Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2020

Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2020 15 technology is developed, the more efficiently businesses will be able to collaborate when they are forced to communicate virtually. The company name enspira comes from the combination of the words, “energy” and “inspiration.” enspira Connect aspires to generate energy and create inspiration by teaching clients how to embrace the increasing complexity of the business world. When asked about the company’s goals, Hubert Hofmann, CEO and Managing Director of enspira Connect explained that, “We help to ensure that the ever-increasing complexity is not seen as a threat, but as an opportunity to work with it and benefit from it.” In this way, the company wants to change perspectives on networked environments and show that not only are they simpler than they seem, but they can also transform business management entirely. enspira Connect’s services help clients to gain more clarity about the issues in their business. They consistently show integrity and honesty to their customers, displaying their merit as a trusted business consultancy partner. Planning to spread their knowledge and his experience in dealing with the networked world further across Europe and develop their technology portfolio, the company continues to work towards their goal of helping businesses become interconnected. Contact: Hubert Hofmann Company: enspira Connect GmbH Web Address: / e-mail: [email protected] In today’s working world, relationship patterns are changing more frequently. The number of mutual dependencies and the number of influencing factors is increasing. Sudden unpleasant issues occur more frequently, and managers and executives are often powerless to face these phenomena. enspira Connect GmbH uses their unique methodology and novel technology to support leaders in solving problems within their business model, product development or organisation. Based in Berlin, Germany, enspira Connect was founded in 2013 by Managing Director Hubert Hofmann as a management consultancy. The company has helped more than 10,000 people, over 100 projects and developed upwards of 250 teams. enspira Connect is one of the leading connected intelligence and network specialists. Through coaching, consulting and digital agency services, the company oversees business transformation, strategy, business model design, product development and venture building. Their customers are predominantly large and medium-sized companies from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; but you also work with start-ups. enspira Connect views the current and future working world as a networked world. For them, networked thinking and acting is the key to success and the company of the future is intelligently connected. The company factors this way of thinking into all their work. They use value-creating connections to show businesses how to solve problems more sustainably and efficiently. Working by their slogan to “Create Good Connections,” enspira Connect generates added value through the further development of networked structures. Through their network framework, CQ Connected Intelligence, the company factors entrepreneurial goals and challenges from an interrelated perspective allowing risk areas to become visible, among others based on the Corporate Performance Experts of the Year - DACH Region & Excellence Award in Networked Intelligence Support - Europe method network mining developed at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). This process helps business leaders to make data-based decisions in the context of the entire company in connection with the establishment of network structures and ecosystems. In the future, enspira Connect would like to actively promote its framework as the “driving force of network and connection intelligence” with methods and tools that make it possible to reach many different target groups. Networking advice and coaching is integrated with digital tools such as AI platforms for business model development or 3D remote collaboration tools. Since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, enspira Connect has expanded their digital portfolio. They have been using the virtual space more intensively in order to improve immersive learning technology. Focusing on innovative AR / VR experiences, the company works to make better immersive spatial experiences possible. The further this Oct20407 “We help to ensure that the ever-increasing complexity is not seen as a threat, but as an opportunity to work with it and benefit from it.”