Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2020

Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2020 7 Sep20814 Online marketplaces and retail spaces have become infinitely more commonplace in the last ten years, especially looking at giants of the area that include eBay and Amazon, to name but a few. Many high street retailers have also formed their own eCommerce sites where customers can peruse their goods without having to leave the comfort of home. But what is the secret to conquering the online retail world? Founded in 2010 by Oliver Prothmann, is the Best Online Retail Sales Solutions Consulting Company in Central Europe today. Find out more as we profile the firm. Prior to founding and becoming an award-winning business owner, Oliver Prothmann worked for Landesbank Berlin and Bankgesellschaft Berlin, merged and as the responsible Managing Director of berlin. de, and established marketplaces such as electronicscout for T-Online. He also worked for eBay, and helped to introduce PayPal into the German market before he decided to make himself independent. In 2010, he founded the company which was initially called Applet-X, and offered an app-based sales reporting solution for online retailers. Since then, he also acts as President of the German Federal Association of Online Retailers. As such, there are few more qualified or knowledgeable to found a business that acts as the best online retail sales solutions consulting company in Central Europe. In 2016, Oliver’s brother Robin Prothmann joined the business before it was rebranded as in early 2017. Robin brough along nearly twenty years of experience in management and strategy consulting at companies like Pricewaterhouse Coopers and SMP Strategy Consulting – a well established German “Hidden Champion” in the strategy consulting sector. Next to the existing eCommerce practice led by Oliver, Robin established a second advisory practice that focused on complex, large-scale digitization and transformation projects. Though the firm rebranded in 2017, it has always stayed true to its core values and mission: to set up and ramp up complex, yet flexible, solutions in an agile and pragmatic way in order to create value and to differentiate customers against their competitors. Today, the firm’s expertise lies on shifting existing and long-established structures into new, agile, and flexible models. Next to the founding mission outlined above, also brings along rock- solid know-how for the set up and establishment of platforms and whole ecosystems. Recent reference projects cover the establishment of an award-winning digital ecosystem for a professional services company, and the market launch of an innovative Product Carbon Footprint Best Online Retail Sales Solutions Consulting Company - Central Europe solution in the European Online retail market. Instead of just copying digital concepts published somewhere, customers benefit from real-life expertise in implementing bespoke solutions based on cross-industry best practices for B2B & B2B2C environments. Highlighting this further is the fact that the firm does not simply consult, but it also personally invests in the foundation and development of an innovative eCommerce platform. The firm’s own start-up, PANDA.BLACK, provides a unique interface platform which allows European online retailers and leading European brands to fully and automatically offer and sell their products via online marketplaces in China, and soon in South-East Asia, and the Americas. This gives them access to a new customer base of more than two billion people which they did not previously have access to. The team at also has direct personal access to a few hundred leaders and decision-makers from independent online retailers, founders of innovative start-ups, and experienced IT professionals and CIOs of blue chip enterprises. Their expertise and their network allow Oliver and Robin to always put the success of their customer’ missions on top of the list. Ultimately, is the culmination of years of experience, excellence, and exceptional talent from both Oliver and Robin Prothmann. Coming together, these brothers have identified and understood the importance of the eCommerce industry and online retail, and have strived to make sure that businesses are able to survive and thrive in this new and ever-changing world of digitalization. Technology is always evolving, and so too should business. Oliver and Robin, alongside their team at are affording that chance of evolution to every business that wants it, and the experience promises results that will be astounding. Company: GmbH (Berlin, Germany) Contact: Robin Prothmann Website: