Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2021

Oct21866 Best Plastics & Mechanical Engineering Executive Recruitment Firm - Germany With the above award under its belt, Osbelt Recruiting Process – part of the Executive Services Group, Germany – has made a name for itself in being a recruitment company that sets a focus for its clients. This, in essence, fosters a greater sense of connection and ‘togetherness’ amongst the market segments in which it operates, ensuring better synergy between candidates searching for new job prospects and organisations looking to broaden their ranks with bold new talent or trusted professionals. Osbelt Recruiting Process, is a recruitment specialist aiding both candidates and the companies seeking to employ them through the process of finding the right people for the right roles. Above all else, it knows how taxing and time consuming a process can be for both parties, and so it seeks to approach its work from a perspective of understanding and empathy in order to enable businesses to find the person with the best skills and persona for the job opening and to allow candidates to put their best foot forward when contacting their prospective employer. Fundamentally, it is a family business with a difference, and has built up from its founding across the two generations. It also joined up with the recruiting consultant association, Executive Services Group, in 2001, propelling it further into the spotlight as it continued to grow in notoriety amongst its peers and market segment, currently operating out of its Merkendorf office to serve the whole of Germany proper. In order to secure its clients candidates for technical positions, positions in sales and managerial leadership, and more, Osbelt Recruiting Process conducts its candidate searches across established applicant pools as well as via active search. In essence, it builds up long term professional relationships with its clients as well as prospective candidates, to cultivate long- lasting, evolved, and mutually beneficial business relationships in the professional world of Germany; this resulting network has only made it all the more effective in its role as a recruitment specialist, as its knowledges span many industries and sectors. Its focus on trade and in manufacturing are also clearly defined by the expertise it boasts in such areas. Pivotally, it plies expert knowledge, intensively maintained connections in the production industry, construction and facades sector, and displays proficiency in handling its network contacts across everything from electronic engineering to mechatronic and automation, plastics technology, mechanical and plant engineering, and the metal industry. For companies, wherever they may be and at whatever scale – predominantly small and medium sized enterprises across even the structurally weakest areas of Germany – it promises to help them find their new employee quickly and efficiently. Rurally located itself, it knows, that does not mean out of touch, and indeed some of the best diamonds in the rough that candidates may not have considered can be found there. For applicants, this gives them the pick of the litter when it comes to the best roles that fit their career and personal goals, and results in a marriage of corporate and interpersonal ambition that is sure to forge a strong bond between the candidate and their new workplace. Therefore, when it comes to recruitment, you’d be hard pressed to find a solution of similar proficiency. Osbelt Recruiting Process prides itself on being the perfect contact for its clients when it comes to pre-selection of strong, experienced, proven experts for leadership and management roles in a client’s most critical roles, ensuring that the candidate’s beliefs fall in line with that of the prospective employer. Internally, in addition, its staff thoroughly enjoy doing this, with each of them being able to say with conviction that they have one of the best jobs in the world, allowing them to connect with diverse people and companies in order to create purposeful synergies and a more connected marketplace. Company: Osbelt Recruiting Process Contact: Nicole Osbelt Website: