Content Creator Awards 2019

10 Corporate Vision 2019 Content Creator Awards , AIMSales andMarketing Solutions Best Digital Services & Marketing Management Agency - East England Apr19449 “With the recent changes that browsers now allow users to watch quick videos on a homepage of a website clients are contacting AIM increasingly for projects to help them overcome the challenges that they will face.” Leading creative and digital marketing agency AIMSales andMarketing Solutions engages with clients and works with them to get to the heart of their business and develop successful marketing activities that deliver significant targeted traffic, lead generation and business growth. As part of our showcase of some of this year’s Content Creator Awards winners we profile the firm to find out more about the services it has to offer. Since the firm’s inception the AIM team have worked on successful product/service launches, creative design, brand-specific innovations’, video content, APP development and all aspects of marketing collateral. Today, as a marketing lead activist agency, AIM is able to undertake every aspect of a project, from compiling a complete marketing strategy through to producing creative branding, design and manage multi-channel digital marketing channels to showcase and promote its clients. With skilled staff who are adept at search protocols and lead in Google Analytics, as well as being experts in web design and SEO, the firm is considered a reputable marketing agency that supports organisations and are treated as the marketing department for any sized organisation they have the privilege of working alongside. Operating in the fast-paced and technology-led marketing space, AIM has to work hard to ensure it is ahead of emerging market developments and able to offer clients the support and solutions they need. In the market currently, video is a key focus and has been the biggest growth area for the firm in the past two years. AIM has worked with clients that want a show reel of all their projects for their digital comms and on their website. With the recent changes that browsers now allow users to watch quick videos on a homepage of a website clients are contacting AIM increasingly for projects to help them overcome the challenges they face. The firm has seen Linkedin use more video in the past year as well as the changes on Facebook to upload a cover story and change Drawing on its extensive industry expertise, AIM is a creative tech and marketing support agency, primarily focusing on effective online marketing communications through multi- channel methods. By blending its team’s expertise and enthusiasm the firm is able to work with businesses, organisations and charities in support of their strategy, creative branding, innovative content, optimisation (SEO), web design and development and all means of marketing methodology and execution. placement holders from images to videos. Seeking to adapt around this change, in 2017 AIM hired staff with expertise in producing animation and video to keep up with demand and ensure it remains at the very cutting-edge of the latest industry developments. Looking ahead, as a fast-growing agency focused on success, over the coming years AIM will continue to enhance its team and skillset to meet the ever-evolving needs of its clients across the corporate landscape. Among the firm’s upcoming developments is its new subsidiary, aimbusiness apps, which will focus on providing app solutions to clients. This development and many more will help drive the company to continued success throughout 2019 and further into the future. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: AIM Sales and Marketing Solutions Name: Hannah Rees Address: Business Technology Centre, Bessemer Drive, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 2DX Telephone Number: 07890972106 Web Address: