Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2022

APVantage, LLC (APVantage) is a leading player in the industrial staffing space in North America. Following its well-deserved success in this awards programme, we spoke with Vice President and General Manager John Crager to find out more about its incredible reputation. Industry is the engine of the greater business world, working often ‘behind the scenes’ to deliver exceptional infrastructure, logistics and development that helps drive other spheres towards excellence. Of course, the industry world is only as good as those that work every day to deliver solutions – which is where APVantage comes in. John describes the company as a “fresh, but experienced player”, and this seems very apt. While being a relative newcomer into the space, it is helmed and operated by those with the experience to steer it towards success. And indeed, that’s exactly what has happened. “APVantage is a rapidly growing start-up providing critical skills staffing, specifically experienced discipline planners, schedulers, project controls, and execution leaders, to heavy industrial clients. For our clients we bring in only “A” team players. The players who everyone wants on their team and who can get stuff done on time, on, budget and with a minimum amount of fuss. These crafts people come to work,” John explains in his opening comments. Having a strong work ethic and applicable qualifications are only the starting point for finding the perfect applicant for an open position, and APVantage understands that fundamentally as John continues. “We look at each assignment holistically with the client and the APVantage team member in mind. From the client’s perspective, we try to understand the engineering problem they are trying to solve so that we can match them with the right person to get the job done.” Of course, it should go without saying that qualifications are the starting point for the company when fielding applications, with upper-level management positions requiring at least five years’ experience to ensure consistent onboarding quality. “At APVantage, when I review a resume of a potential Critical Skills Team member, my eyes drop to two things initially; 1. Do you have a NCCER certification or a journeyman card in your trade, and 2. Do you have five years as a planner or planner/scheduler? Why are these important? “NCCER certification or a journeyman’s card show in a trade that you have both classroom and field experience, coupled with passing one or more assessments that are the hallmark of someone safe and productive on a job site. You understand your trade. These are the most substantial independent endorsements of your knowledge and skill. Five years of experience as a planner shows that you understand what it takes to be a “good” planner. Think of it as a second apprenticeship; you should have learned and mastered the steps and tasks necessary to plan a safe, effective, and efficient job in your trade and others.” “….our Turnaround Managers and Execution Leads average almost 40 years in the business. They have worked and delivered countless significant turnarounds and capital projects. They know their business and expect you to know yours.” Nov22787 Best Industrial Staffing Start-Up 2022 - North America Despite being a relative newcomer in the space, APVantage has set the benchmark when it comes to setting industry standards for the industrial recruitment space. Its future then, lies in expansion and on capitalising on its peerless reputation, as John discusses. “We have recently expanded to offer our services to companies looking to fill the gap with regards to Routine Maintenance. Routine Maintenance challenges have a tendency to drive Turnaround and Capital Project scope and cost. If we can solve your staffing issues in Routine Maintenance, we can help lessen pressure on other events where it costs much more to operate.” Company Name: APVantage, LLC Contact Name: John Crager, Vice President and General Manager Address: 455 E. Medical Blvd, Suite 200, Webster, TX 77506 Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Telephone Number: 404-493-4687 Subscribe to our monthly newsletter: