Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2022

Best Leadership & Organisational Development Solutions - East of England My mission is to “Help People to be Brilliant”. - Juliett Bohanna, Director of Organisational Development Leadership consultation, business and executive coaching, systems efficiency development – there are a plethora of options for those wanting to level up their company through external guidance. Juliet Bohanna has built an incredible reputation in the sphere through being one of the best options for those wanting to be better. Or as Juliett says, “helping people to be brilliant.” Through focusing on holistic transformation, Juliett has reinvented businesses across the UK and beyond. Here, she offers more insight into her approach. “I am a Systemic Team and Executive Coach first and foremost, with the consultant hat coming on and off as clients require it. Transformation of Teams, Leadership, and Organisation all redefining their style, discovery, and connection to their global environment to lead to higher levels of performance, value creation, and happiness. I occasionally use trusted associates to support me to offer: team, group, and executive systemic coaching, leadership and team profiling for development, recruitment, and succession planning. “I have moved away from building and delivering leadership programmes I still do this however; I find these requests fit better with group or team coaching to provide more learner-centic development.” “Culture, Engagement, and Leadership Transformation - I adopt a holistic change discovery model based on design thinking, user experience, and change agility.” Of course, as with all things in this industry, client-centricity is absolutely crucial. You could have the best advice, guidance and expertise, but it matters little if it is directionless, or untailored to the needs of a specific client. An ability to create a fast and robust partnership that is humancentered across both design and delivery can be a key differentiator in this sphere, and it is one that Juliett and One Xec LTD has mastered. “We follow simple rules and co-create with the clients to create partnerships. I want to help people to be brilliant and that means at times helping them to understand what brilliance means to them. Therefore, we don’t apply out-of-the-box solutions charging high premiums for the privilege.” Another key distinguisher lies in Juliett operating remotely, which has allowed her to expand her services to a global market. Of course, this also allowed a degree of insultation once the pandemic rocked the business world – not needing to invest in digital infrastructure or scramble to enter more stable markets. “When Covid first hit I knew it was going to rock my professional world dramatically, I didn’t know when I would feel the force I expected it to freeze before clients thought it would. When it did freeze I didn’t know how long it would be frozen or how it would unfreeze but I knew I had to rethink. Focusing in this way allowed me to channel my energy positively rethinking what clients needed, and how I could be supporting them. “A combination of this preparation, my experience and what the world needed meant I wasn’t rethinking for long. I was quickly applying my research, relearning, and reapplying that learning. In short - Covid has driven me and requests away from larger leadership development programmes opting for smaller group sizes that do not drop the development impact when facilitating remotely. My service has become more concentrated, and I have changed the way I have delivered them.” So, what does 2023 and 2024 have in store for Juliett and One Xec LTD? “I would like to make a new service offer in Q2 2023, it’s looking very busy in Q1 and Q2 (luckily) next year so I will see. I am not pushing something out half-baked.” Company Name: One Xec LTD Contact Name: Juliett Bohanna, Director of Organisational Development Address: 46 Hullbridge Road, South Woodham Ferrers, Chelmsford. Essex Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: 07555656056 Businesses the world over need all the help they can get. It’s a challenging climate out there, defined by unprecedented ‘firsts’ and uncertainty. Many business leaders are not prepared to tackle these issues – many simply had a great idea that they turned into a reality. Following One Xec LTD’s success In the awards programme, we spoke with Director of Organisational Development Juliett Bohanna to find out more. Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022 17 One Xec Ltd