Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2022

No business can grow without a desire to constantly develop, and this drive for new ideas and ways of working inspires the team at AcComm & Image International Co., Ltd to achieve incredible results for their clients. Over the years, they have ensured that learning is at the forefront of their businesses which has led to success in the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022. We take a closer look to find out more. Established in 2005, the team at AcComm & Image International know what it means to stand out from the crowd. These leading senior consultants and people development teams have built their business around expert knowledge that allows companies to get the results they need and deserve. Partnering with learning and development program providers around the world, the AcComm & Image International team have been able to work alongside fast growing businesses to achieve impressive levels of success. Needless to say, the approach taken by the team is one which is consistently innovative and generates guaranteed results to clients. When it comes to training and development programs, these have a proven track record of stunning results. Just some of the methodologies used by the AcComm & Image International team include learner-focused, hands-on involvement, alongside self-reflection techniques,feedback and action planning. As such, it’s little wonder that clients have praised the team for their practical attitude that generates long-term retention of new ideas that can be easily transferred to the workplace. The values of coaching, of leadership development and of communications are just some of the skills which can be taught by the team at AcComm & Image International. The decision to focus on these facets of the development sphere comes not only from a desire to ensure that businesses are ahead of the game, but because these skills can be transferred into many different sectors. Some companies, while teaching important concepts to clients, will overlook the need for practical implementation of these ideas. AcComm & Image International stands out because action and business action is core to the way in which they operate. Since opening their doors, the team have been proud to support clients in all sorts of industries, and even prouder of the loyalty that these clients have for the business. Over many years, this titan of Thailand development has been able to obtain 100% repeat customers. The growth of the business has seen the team expand their reach to support clients at many different levels. 2016 saw the conception of Leadership and Coaching Solutions Co., Ltd, which has gone on to serve the increasing demands of executive development needs. Growth and development at every level is vital to ensuring that businesses remain at the height of their powers in an ever-changing world. Now, nearly two decades since the inception of AcComm & Image International, the team are looking forward to further success. With a well-earned victory behind them in the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards, we cannot wait to see what they do next. Most Innovative Coaching & Learning Ecosystem - Thailand Company: AcComm & Image International Atchara Juicharern, Ph.D. CEO of ACCOMM GROUP