Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2022

Overall, Jenny’s mission with River Life Coaching is to be known as the number one professional coach for introverts. She says, “I intend to attain this by launching unique coaching programmes geared towards supporting introverts. I am also working towards growing my mentor coaching business in Q1 and Q2 of 2023.” And we are truly rooting for her business’ ongoing success as she continues to use her own experiences to help others. Company: River Life Coaching Pte. Ltd. Contact: Jenny Toh Email: [email protected] Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Nov22369 Most Inclusive 1:1 Coaching Company - Singapore River Life Coaching Pte. Ltd. provides one-to-one and group coaching services to support individuals in their professional and personal goals. Owned and run by one-woman band Jenny Toh, her mission is to empower individuals, particularly introverts, to identify and live out their strengths whilst remaining authentic to their true selves. Following the extraordinary success of her business within the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022, we learn more about the work Jenny does. Jenny Toh has 25 years’ experience as a lawyer, having worked as a litigator, corporate attorney, and a derivatives legal counsel in Malaysia and Singapore. She is also a mother of three children, and an active member at her local church. Yet, she felt an inner yearning for something more, like she wasn’t living her life to its fullest potential. Although an introvert herself, Jenny puts herself out there as a coach who truly understands introversion and supports introverts to be visible whilst remaining authentic. Her legal experience provides her with the background and experience to support those clients who are in the legal and banking and finance industries as she can relate to their experiences. Ultimately, she sees herself as an acclaimed coach for introverts. Jenny is also a Certified Canfield Trainer in the Success Principles and Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Trainer, and provides mentor coaching services to fellow coaches who are credentialled with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She says, “I believe my varied experiences of coaching on multiple platforms and working with private clients enables me to be a well-versed and empathetic mentor coach.” Having started the business during the pandemic, Jenny was initially focused on one-to-one coaching, and all of her sessions were held online. She found this worked well as introverts tend to enjoy meeting online as they feel safer and it is a more private set-up for them. Currently running the business on her own, this has also helped her to optimise her operational costs in terms of office premises and support staff. Meanwhile, since her company’s establishment, Jenny has gone on to offer more diversified services whilst still retaining her aim to empower individuals to define their success on their own terms. To help her do this, she collaborates with other coaches and companies in projects and training. She states, “I believe that we all have our own unique talents and experiences to bring to the table. I am a strong believer in the collective wisdom of a community with a clearly defined vision and objective.” So, what does working on a new project or training programme involve? Jenny gives us an insight: “I test it out by gathering market intel through providing free introductory webinars to gauge audience engagement and acceptance. I launch it to different audience groups. I also leverage on my network and have them spread the word for me. Normally, I identify a particular pain point and work toward addressing it with a solution or a strategy.”