Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

Nov23465 Established in 1998, Matched Recruitment has spent over two decades reshaping the ways in which employers and jobseekers view the recruitment process. By leveraging the expertise of its Founder – a lead recruiter within the industry- the firm has developed an approach that emphasises the individuality of businesses and workers everywhere. As a result, Matched Recruitment promises a process that attunes itself to the person, leading to satisfaction on all ends. Below, we take a closer look at how the agency has come to earn the praise of South Africa’s employers and jobseekers. Matched Recruitment is a recruitment agency that recognises the importance of hiring the right person, or alternatively finding the perfect workplace. This places it in the perfect position to assist its clients in reaching their goals through its personal, connection-based approach. Building relationships is just as important as securing clients, and Matched Recruitment demonstrates this notion in droves. Matching jobseekers and employers is where the agency thrives – a quality that has only served to empower it over the decades. Additionally, Matched Recruitment has an avid fascination for a variety of industries. This, in turn, has granted it the opportunity to investigate a myriad of options for all manner of clients, without having to sacrifice quality of knowledge in order to do so. It operates with the finer details in mind – whether these pertain to the needs of employer or employee culture – to devise strategies that make the most of the firm’s overwhelming levels of expertise. Partnered with its commitment to utilising some of the market’s most innovative tools, it guarantees a match, no matter the client. Matched Recruitment strives to make everyone happy, ultimately uplifting employee retention rates in even the trickiest of industries. However, listening alone isn’t enough, and this is where Matched Recruitment shines brighter than its competitors. Not only does it heed its clients wishes in genuine ways, but it also goes the extra mile to truly respect their desires. Instead of simply understanding what a person is looking for in a career, its team places immense emphasis on ensuring that the match it finds for clients is nothing short of perfect for everyone involved. This is further reflected in Matched Recruitment’s process – one that guarantees a fee and placement for six months, while simultaneously assisting in both the placement and client introduction on the first day to secure a smooth transition. In short, Matched Recruitment seeks to make the recruitment process as streamlined and stress free as possible. Change is always daunting when it comes to an individual’s career, and Matched Recruitment has therefore devised the ideal way to approach such a turbulent time. It acts as a companion – a guide through treacherous territory - in order to reach wherever a client is hoping to go. It prides itself on its ability to connect with people on a more intrinsic level, which culminates in a robust track record of successful pairings. This has been the case for more than two decades, and it’s abundantly clear that this quality is never going to falter so long as the agency is running. Corporate Vision is honoured to recognise such a dedicated recruitment agency. It’s refreshing to see an agent who, above all else, wants individuals to succeed. Be it jobseekers or employers, everyone benefits from the services that Matched Recruitment has to offer. Truly, there is no firm quite like it, placing it heads and shoulders above its competition. Matched Recruitment is a case study in how recruitment should be done, and we’re certain that it’ll continue to demonstrate this prowess as it enters its 26th year of operation. Contact: Marius Esterhuyse Company: Matched Recruitment Web Address: Most Inspiring Recruitment Agency 2023 - South Africa