Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 103 , 12 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 10 2019 Sep19199 As the world is focused on getting the required nutritional value into their diets, one Toronto- based company is helping provide clarity. MenuSano is an award-winning specialist nutrition analytics software provider, and we caught up with them to find out a bit more about what they do to help ensure healthier meals for everyone. Disrupting Traditional Nutrition Analysis In today’s society, people’s lives are busier and cooking at home is not always an option. For those who want to eat out more often, caloric intake and nutritional val- ue is often not an area of exper- tise. Consumers want food they love; they are not nutritionists or dieticians. MenuSano brings together a wealth of information designed to help with under- standing nutritional information, working alongside food-service providers, hospitals, schools, restaurants, manufacturers, and many other industries. Seeking to disrupt the traditional methods of the food-service industry, MenuSano helps restaurants with establishing the nutritional value of their dishes. Traditional lab analysis methods for restaurants cost between $800 and $1,200 per recipe which is discouraging them from wanting to volunteer the informa- tion. If a dish is not right, it must be modified and sent back to a laboratory, costing the restaurant even more. MenuSano gives control to foodservice providers, encourag- ing them to volunteer nutritional information. The firm’s soft- ware technology uses govern- ment-sourced data from all over the world to provide users with data on thousands of ingredi- ents. Designed with the exact workflow as in a professional kitchen, the system allows users to create recipes and analyze them before anything is cooked, allowing for any changes that will make healthier dishes. It’s not just the caloric information either, as the firm provides full nutrition labels that can be printed. It also includes allergen labels such as gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and much more. Aiming to tackle some of the biggest issues in society such as obesity and diabetes, MenuS- ano’s work helps restaurants to help their guests in making informed choices. Studies have shown that when a food estab- lishment provides the caloric information, consumers ordered meals with 3% fewer calories. Consumers can have control over their health, especially those with a chronic disease. Serving directly to anyone who puts together recipes that requires a nutrition label or caloric information, MenuSano is a cost-effective solution to gaining the necessary informa- tion. The system has developed a workflow that matches that of a professional kitchen. The user interface is easy to use and un- derstand, implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to allow for easy search of ingredients. Government-sourced databases contain information on thousands of ingredients that chefs can select from. The artificial intel- ligence also instinctively learns from the users, learning the most commonly-used ingredients selected and providing them at the top of search lists. MenuSa- no’s system includes the USDA, Canadian, and UK data sources. With databases from other countries on the horizon, the firm is aiming to incorporate as much information as possible to make sure their clients have the most comprehensive collection of data. This technological expansion has meant that MenuSano has ex- panded its markets from Canada and the United States, across to Europe, the UK, Australia, Dubai and Qatar where the firm now has clients. The success of MenuSano is down to their commitment to help- ing food-service providers save money, and consumers maintain healthy lifestyles. Drawing on a depth of nutritional information from databases across the world, this innovative software provider is helping to tackle some of the biggest health-related issues in the world today. Company: MenuSano Contact: Sonia Couto Website: