Corporate Excellence 2019

140 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , 6 CORPORATE VIS ON / Issue 9 2019 Jun19060 Digital Data Defenders As digital technologies become increasingly integrated into businesses, there is an increasing need for advanced and efficient data protection solutions. Atempo is a leading independent European-based software vendor providing solutions to protect, store, move, and recover all mission-critical data. With influential CEO Luc d’Urso at the helm, discover howAtempo helps secure the future of digital business. Founded in 1992 and headquartered just south of Paris, Atempo’s flagship data protection technology addresses the needs of very large data storage. The firm specializes in using a highly efficient backup approaches. In addition to their large storage backup, archiving and disaster recovery solutions, the same technology also delivers fast and reliable file migration and syn- chronization between different storage platforms. The firm’s flagship data protec- tion technology, Miria, addresses the needs of very large stor- ages with millions of files and petabyte-scale unstructured data volumes using a highly efficient backup approach. Over the next decade, the greatest challenge to the economy will be moving, protecting and exploiting these very large data sets. Atempo also commercialize other solutions such as Lina, a contin- uous data protection solution for workstations, file servers and lap- tops. Backstone is a range of all-in- one backup appliances, particularly suited for remote-site environments. Tina is a powerful and renowned backup and data preservation solu- tion for virtual and physical servers and applications. Keen to maintain a critical eye on trends, Atempo understand that sometimes those trends prove to be fleeting despite the hype and promise. Instead, they choose to seek out real and concrete ben- efits of technological revolutions that clients can benefit from. For example, the company under- stands the limits of a completely cloud-based digital architecture in terms of availability, security, business continuity, and budget- ary control. However, their solu- tions are particularly well-suited to hybrid cloud environments, encompassing the best technolo- gy can offer. By providing innovative solutions in data protection, Atempo has progressively won new accounts from clients across the world in a wide variety of sectors and indus- tries. Faced with a colossal wave of data, the company seeks to offer solutions for those working in banking and finance, aviation, media and entertainment, medi- cal research, and life sciences. As a software vendor, building trust between their staff and their clients is key to Atempo’s contin- ued success. All their engineers have a background of sound knowledge in backup and stor-