Corporate Excellence 2019

142 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , CORPORATE VISION / Issue 1 2020 39 Jul19090 Bestowing Businesses with Crucial Certification For businesses in today’s economical climate, certification is beneficial for a number of reasons. In particular, ISO certifications are internationally-recognised business standards that companies should strive to incorporate. United Registrar of Systems Limited is an independent certification body operating in over forty countries, acting as a registrar that is truly receptive to client needs. As we examine the companies vital work closer, find out what makes themone of the UK’s most reputable management system certification providers of 2019. Since the company’s formation in May 1994, URS has gone to establish a global presence as a certification firm that works alongside some of the biggest accreditation companies worldwide. Working as a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), the accreditations held by the company are all performed by other bodies that are members of the IAF. Certification costs are now often “on-cost” and as such, can affect the bottom-line which means URS are endeavouring to be as competitive as possible. In striving for competitiveness and trying to deliver the best possible outcomes, demand for the firm’s services has meant that they now operate in twenty-five offices worldwide, issuing certificates in over fifty countries. The company now offers certification services worldwide through the United Registrar of Systems, delivering various accreditations according to the specific client requirements. Each accreditation follows a uniform management system, which is operated by a separate legal entity within the group. Certificates offered by URS provide any client and business with a competitive advantage, continual process improvement possibilities and trustworthiness for clients and suppliers. Upon certification, each client automatically joins the reliable operational safety concept, and a member of the Academy of Certified Businesses (ACB). With such a wide variety of ISO certificates, the firm are primed to help all manner of industries and sectors. For example, those working in the healthcare industry, ISO 9001 gives clients certified status as a quality management system and ISO 45001 specifies a recipient has an occupational health and safety management system certification. However, the more specific ISO 13485 states that a recipient has attained certification of quality management systems for design and manufacture of medical devices. There is no shortage of varying certificates that URS can bestow on clients, maximising their competitive edge and potential. As well as certificates for businesses and companies, URS also offer personal certifications to help enhance professional skills, qualifications value on the job market, and career advancements. The firm provides certification of individuals based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). Currently able to offer certifications of Health and Safety Manager, and Health and Safety Technician, these accreditations are in accordance with the requirements of the national qualification system of each country in the European Union. Fundamentally, the success of URS is down to being able to confer certificates on businesses and clients that enable them to expand and go on to bigger and better things. Servicing clients across the whole world, these certificates give recipients a key competitive edge and reassure their customers. Company: United Registrar of Systems Contact: David Riggs Website: Jul19090