Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 15 , Feb19356 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 3 Launched in 1999, datango is a software provider which spe- cializes in process recording to create process documentations, sim- ulations and live system helps. With that recording, companies are able to obtain automations within the process to facilitate every employee’s working life. As a result, the team at datan- go is working on the some of the most modern programming language to easily provide new technologies like robotic process automation. The company’s basis mainly grows from expertise in soft- ware rollouts, release changes and change management, as well as offering a wide range of experience on how to set up the employees with the new process steps to challenge and systems to learn. Going into further detail, Christina begins by informing us of the capabilities of datango’s software and how it is beneficial to their diverse client base. “Here at datango, our clients range from any type of industry, as well as size. With the datango software, clients initially are able to document all relevant process- es with a simple recording tool and moreover to create multiple, and furthermore varied learning units as well as software simu- lations for the users. From our recorded contents, it will soon be possible to reduce complex- ity and user risks by creating an automatic interaction with a software bot.” “By delivering such a person- alized service, our clients truly Going Beyond Innovation datango provides leading technologies for process navigation, automation, documentation and e-learning. Recently, we profiled the firm and caught up with Christina Misch, Head of Marketing at datango, who provided us with a detailed insight into the exceptional solutions datango delivers to clients. appreciate our way to always provide innovative products, which reveals in bounce rate of 0% and an exceptional high change rate from competitors to datango.” Much of datango’s success over the years is largely due to operating within the market for over an impressive 20 years. Having built and established a deep knowledge inside IT departments such as learning how they work, any challenges they face and how datango is able to aid them into becoming the best version of themselves. Enabling datango to achieve such a personalized service, is the dedicated and hardworking employees who work tirelessly to allow the company to grow and be in a market leader position. When discussing the internal culture, Christina is delighted to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the award-winning firm. “Our employees are the primary reason for our success. There is no business without every single one of our staff members, regardless of their position. Therefore, one of our main goals is to maximize the employee satisfaction. Home-Office, group lunch and of course after-work activities are not just some kind of buzzwords to us.” “At datango, we value a flat hier- archy within our staff, a friendly atmosphere and we are proud to say, that despite being an intensely fast-growing company, we are able to retain a start-up- like working-feeling.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Christina signs off by re- vealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for datango in the years to come. “In 2019, we are about to release an update on datango. However, it would not be fair for the so- called datango creator to put it in the classic release corner - not only that, the product that has proven itself for decades, will now get a new name. As such, we can functionally speak of a whole new generation of author- ing tools.” One of the highlights moving for- ward will be the automated test- ing of recorded processes, and especially the robotic automation of these generated contents. Contact: Christina Misch Company: PARIS AG Address: Daimlerstr. 8A, Kaarst, 41564, Germany Telephone: +49 2131 762 010 Web Address: Feb19356