Corporate Excellence 2019

154 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , Jan19555 6 CORPORATE VIS ON / Issue 2 2019 With offices inNorth and South America, MO Technologies aims to revolutionise the credit industry through focusing on uniting technology-driven connectivity with financial accessibility. In January, MO’s CEO, Paolo Fidanza, was named among Corporate Vision Magazine’s 2019 Corporate Excellence programme as theMost Influential CEO of the Year in Fintech. It’s a well-deserved title for Paolo, a passionate entrepreneur who has always looked for opportunities to capitalise on technological solutions to prevalent issues. We spoke with Paolo to find out more. A CEO Levelling the Playing Field Through Technological Innovation By all consideration, the global financial sector has been re- sistant to change, tied as it is to traditionalist brick and mortar establishments. This rigidity has resulted in the rise of Fintech – plastic disruptors who see opportunity in harnessing powerful technologies to ‘make right’ issues that are still plaguing the industry. After all, technology is leaping ahead, and moving ever forward. Today’s business leaders need to do the same to secure enduring success. Paolo, an accomplished CEO with a finely-honed expertise in utilising cutting edge technology to solve real-world issues, looks set to redefine the nature of Fintech through MO Technologies, as he explains in more detail. “MO Technologies has developed an innovative patent-pending proprietary credit scoring tech- nology and loan management platform which uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learn- ing to implement credit products for consumers and merchants without a formal credit history. Ulti- mately, our mission is to promote financial inclusion with the aim at revolutionising the credit scoring industry by eliminating discrimina- tion due to lack of credit history, giving everyone the possibility of accessing nano and micro loans in a simple and effective way. “With our revolutionary technolo- gy we have created an end-to- end solution that allows us to transform the lives of people not financially included and take them to a new world full of opportuni- ties. Thanks to our product range integrated by credit technologies, credit issuing, payment services and consulting, our business partners, Financial Institutions, Service Companies and other Fintech firms, can offer new credit products to consumers and merchants with no access to traditional credit.” The firm’s mission is made all the more impressive when you consider that almost half of the world’s population do not have access to traditional credit. MO Technologies simply aim to level the playing field, offering a helping hand to those that are at a disadvantage, despite recent leaps and bounds in technologi- cal connectivity and permeation. Paolo continues, “An inability to access credit stops people from progressing socially, and also stops them from accessing little funds when needed for basic needs such as urgent medicine Jan19555 or public transport to get to work. These little things make a huge difference in the lives of billions of people, and today’s credit industry has been lacking the tools to help these people. “This is an entirely new market: these are people who have had no access to any financial product in their lives, so it is key for us to hear their feedback to be able to adapt our products to their behaviours. We do not want to educate our customers to understand our technolo- gies, we want to educate our technologies to understand our customers .” Despite their robust foundations, MO Technologies’ future lies in further expansion, forging new partnerships and moving into overseas markets. After all, the company and its CEO have set their sights on creating a para- digm shift in the credit industry, realigning the financial industry with the very real needs of its customers and clients. “We see MO working with many financial institutions and Fintech firms in South, Central and North Amer- ica, African and Europe, giving access to small credit to millions of customers and merchants. We also see many of these credits to be delivered instantly on pre-paid