Corporate Excellence 2019

160 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , Jan19344 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2019 21 Placing Clients At The Forefront EtonHarris are specialists in providing bespoke funding solutions to the global alternative investment community. Recently, the firm found success in CV’s Investment Elite Awards 2019 where they were recognised as the Leading Specialists in Funding Solutions 2019 – Global. On the back of this win, we profile the firm to discover more about the award- winning services they provide. Since their inception, Eton Harris have worked in transparent partnership with all parties, and have put themselves into a position to offer specialist profit partici- pation funding which results in unrivalled terms. For the team at Eton Harris, they focus primarily on marketing and distribution of investment opportunities through range of intermediaries. Eton Harris offer their clients with high yielding, securitized alterna- tive investments and regulated investment opportunities to cater to the investor’s appetite. These high return alternative investment opportunities have passed Eton Harris’ strenuous risk analysis and due diligence process. Which is why clients cane be rest assured that they are able to trust their own judgement on which alternative investments are right for them. Providing the firm with the opportunities to deliver these award-winning services, is the passionate, hard-working and committed team which forms the backbone of Eton Harris. The team of alternative and as- set-backed investment specialists put the needs of the clients at the forefront of everything that they do. With a wealth of knowledge about the market, combined with experience in sourcing, the team provide carefully selected alter- native investment opportunities which sets them apart from most investment distributors. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at Eton Harris will continue to deliver an exceptional service to their clients, which not only fulfils their requirements but also surpasses their expectations. Lastly, the firm hope to build upon the numerous accomplishments they have achieved over the years, which includes their most recent success in Corporate Vision’s Investment Elite Awards 2019 where they were righteously awarded the accolade Leading Specialists in Funding Solutions 2019 – Global. Company: Eton Harris DWC LLC Web Address: