Corporate Excellence 2019

170 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , Jan19079 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2019 19 J Harrington Starr is the Global Leader in Financial Technology Recruitment with operations in London, NewYork and San Francisco. Recently, we spoke withHarrington Starr’s CEO, Toby Babb who kindly provided us with a detailed insight into the award-winning services both himself and the firmdeliver to their clients. Global Specialists in Financial Services Technology and Sales Recruitment Established in 2010, Harrington Starr has grown rapidly over the years into a $20 million dollar organ- isation, with clients in over five continents. With over 1000 global clients, the team at Harrington Starr have also worked with some of the world’s largest investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds, brokerages, trading hous- es, vendors and consultancies, alongside a series of innovative and disruptive Fintechs. Specialising in Financial Technol- ogy, Harrington Starr works with fast growing emerging tech, such as Blockchain and AI through to large scale legacy systems. As such, the company specialise in finding hard to fill searches for the world’s leading financial institutions and tech start-ups. Toby begins by informing us of the clients that the firm serves and how it has grown since their inception. “Here at Harrington Starr, our client base falls into five core categories: End users, vendors, consultancies, service providers and disruptors. This will range from investment banks and hedge funds through to start ups and disruptors. Over the years, our cli- ent base has grown to over 1000 trusted clients who are engaged through references and referrals, networking and through digital channels.” The company’s remarkable success has been built around doing the simple things well, such as executing brilliant basics in recruitment and combining them with magic touches in customer service, as Toby explains. “We believe in ‘excellence through understanding’ which focuses on truly understanding our market but also the bespoke needs of all customers. Alongside that, we believe in helping to grow the teams, networks and brands of our customers. By creating a Fintech community, we add value through free events and insight that helps our clients to build their connections throughout the industry.” It is no secret that begins every successful company is a dedicat- ed, passionate team of individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that the outcome of a project surpass- es the clients’ expectations. When discussing the internal culture at the firm, Toby is keen to highlight the key role the team play in the overall success of Harrington Starr. “Our staff are absolutely fun- damental to the success of the firm. As a professional services business, there is no product to speak of. As such, we rely solely on great people and invest heavily in ensuring they have the best possible culture, training, support, facilities and technology to thrive.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Toby signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, which includes the company expanding its reach and recruiting new team members. “2019 is set for 100% growth with expansion planned into mainland Europe, Australia and North America. Already we have grown new brands within the group focussing on other areas of tech and plan to launch a business focussed on digital tech and marketing in the year ahead. Further expansion is also planned in New York and San Francisco, alongside growth in our Consult- ing business. It is an extremely exciting time for the business and we expect to hire in excess of 50 new staff in the year ahead.” Company: Harrington Starr Telephone: +44 203 0022 850 Website: