Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 173 , Jan19155 CORP RATE VISION / Issue 3 2019 3 Established in 2013, Multi Web Marketing is an award-winning marketing agency dedicated to pro- viding results-driven marketing solutions for clients across the country. With its core focus being pro- fessional web design services, Multi Web Marketing provides lead magnet websites, designed to drive website visitors to contact its valued clients. The agency encourages all clients to view their website as their virtual head office, which is open 24/7, taking any and all enquiries around the clock. Multi Web Marketing: Taking Online Marketing To New Heights Based in Yorkshire, Multi Web Marketing provides full, vertical marketing solutions for clients across the UK. We profile the agency to find out more about the services it has to offer and the secrets behind its success. The agency’s search engine optimisation services go hand in hand with its web design offering to generate organic, quality website traffic. With performance a key focus, Multi Web Marketing undertakes regular performance reviews and SEO analysis, ensuring client websites appear favourably in relevant Google searches, making any changes to the website or strategy to increase results over time. Working across a range of advertising platforms, including Google Ads and Social Media Advertising, Multi Web Marketing’s digital advertising packages help kick-start lead generation for clients. The company uses powerful geographic and demo- graphic targeting tools to ensure its adverts are reaching the right audience at the right time. All the agency’s marketing solu- tions are focused on generating new quality leads, enquiries and sales for our clients, to help fuel subsequent business growth. Looking to the future, Multi Web- Marketing has exciting plans for further growth and success. At the beginning of 2019, the agen- cy expanded its digital advertis- ing and social media services with the appointment of its new Social Media and Advertising Director, Joanne. The company also enhanced its existing social media management packages with more managed platforms and increased engagement, and created all new Social Media Ad- vertising and Inbound Marketing packages. The enhanced Social Media packages and services have been well received by ex- isting clients, and these exciting new Digital Advertising services are already generating some great results. Overall, after another record breaking year for client results in 2018, Multi Web Marketing is mov- ing full speed ahead in 2019. Company: Multi Web Marketing Name: Paul Smith Phone: 01302 590 444 Website: