Corporate Excellence 2019

182 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , Jan19215 4 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2019 GRI in the UK is formed of Geometric Results’ UK operations and recent acquisition of de Poel. Following their CEO – UK and COO – EMEA & APAC, Geometric Results International (GRI), AndrewPreston’s success in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 as theMost Influential CEO of the Year – Health, a spokesperson for the company provided us with a detailed insight into the solutions they provide. GRI: Achieving Positive Change GRI in the UK – and beyond GRI provides out- sourced solutions to the hiring and management of non-permanent workers in both the public and private sectors. Formerly known as de Poel, the business went through an acqui- sition with MSX International in 2018 which resulted in the crea- tion of the world’s largest neutral vendor – GRI – managing over $5bn in recruitment spend across more than 70 countries. Andrew Preston: At the helm of GRI Andrew Preston, CEO – UK and COO – EMEA & APAC, was instrumental in the acquisition and also led a multi-million pound MBO two years earlier in 2016 – when he was initially formally appointed as CEO after oversee- ing a period of impressive growth as Group MD. Andrew has worked in the health- care and wider public sector for over 20 years, starting his career in the NHS. His track record has seen him grow and develop var- ious businesses, work in FTSE 100, PLCs, Private Equity-backed and Private organisations and undertake and deliver the suc- cessful integration of numerous M&A projects. In present day, Andrew is totally focused on building GRI’s con- tinued success as the world’s leading recruitment outsourcing expert and repeatedly delivering record results year-on-year. Driving positive change for leading UK organisations and global brands As an independent intermedi- ary (or what you call a ‘neutral vendor’), GRI works with over 150 clients across all sectors in- cluding Virgin, Sainsbury’s, BUPA and Royal Mail. GRI manages 3,750 recruitment agencies and offers talent pool/bank solutions to help both UK organisations and global brands gain visibility of millions of pounds of recruit- ment spend. Whether GRI is empowering their clients to manage their own communities of bank workers or revolutionising their clients’ commercial relationships with recruitment agencies, they use a blend of account management and technology to drive positive change. This, combined with an 18-year track record, is exactly why GRI is entrusted with over £1bn worth of recruitment spend every year in the UK. The ever-changing employ- ment landscape In what is a time of unprece- dented change, the recruitment outsourcing industry faces a set of complex challenges including navigating legislative and regu- latory changes, evolving client expectations and looming Brexit, to name but a few. In this changing employment landscape, Andrew’s vision is to continue to innovate and lead in workforce solutions, as we embrace the gig economy. A new chapter in the ‘GRI UK Story’ The 2016 MBO and subsequent 2018 acquisition marked the beginning of a new chapter, written by Andrew. The introduc- tion of step changes, supported by strong staff engagement and open, transparent communica- tion, has been key to Andrew transforming the business. Andrew’s mantra is “Win More. Do More. Be More. Together More” which, distilled, encom- passes winning new business, continually go above and beyond for clients and recruitment agency stakeholders, inspiring employees to be the best they can be and working together toward a common goal. Results that speak for them- selves Andrew has worked tirelessly to deliver on his promises, in a rela- tively short amount of time – the positive changes that have been introduced are palpable. This is not just in terms of financial and operational performance, but also in respect of GRI’s com- pany culture, continued work to support their client, agency and charity partners and belief in their proposition and business model. Additionally, the delivery of retained Investors in People, Investors in Customers and ISO accreditations are a testament to this, along with a string of awards and accolades for GRI and Andrew – including National Outsourcing Association (NOA)’s Excellence in Procurement (Public Sector), Health Service Journal (HSJ)’s Best Procure- ment Support/Service, Staffing Industry Analysts’ Europe Top 100 Leaders and of course Corporate Vision Magazine’s Corporate Excellence Award for the 2019 Most Influential CEO of the Year – Health. [email protected] 01565 682 020 Oct 8393