Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 199 , Dec18503 26 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2019 Rich IP&Co. (RichIP) consists of a teamof attorneys and engineerswithdeep, varied educational and experiential backgrounds, providingprofessional patent and trademark lawservices in the Taiwan, ChineseArea andworldwide. Following thefirm’s success inCV’s CorporateExcellence Awards 2019, we profiledMs. Clarice (Tsui-Hua) Chen,ManagingPartner andOwner of thefirm todiscovermore about the exceptional legal services she provides to clientswhich surpasses their expectations. Going the Extra Mile Clarice (Tsui-Hua) Chen is the managing partner and owner of RichIP. Before establishing RichIP in 2005, Clarice worked for the largest international law firm in Taiwan for about 15 years and was the Principle of the Patent and Technology Department. Boasting a strong educational background, Clarice received her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the National Taiwan Univer- sity, and a Master’s Degree in Law from Shih Hsin University. Specialising in a variety of areas, Clarice excels not only in the patent and trademark prosecution matters, but also in the offense and defence of patent and trademark rights, as well as the lit- igation involving patent/trademark rights. Possessing an impressive amount of experience, Clarice has been engaged in international IP practice since 1990, focusing on patent and trademark matters. Overseeing both the trademark department and the chemical/ biotech team within the patent department of RichIP, Clarice aims and succeeds in providing local and international clients services, including patent prose- cution, invalidation, infringement analysis and litigation, as well as trademark registration, opposition, invalidation, cancellation and litigation. Operating as one of the leading IP firms within Taiwan, the team stands out from its competitors thanks to its excellent response rate, detail-orientated approach, and disciplined nature in which it produces outstanding results for the client. Throughout the area, there are only a handful of IP firms which are equipped with a full-fledged chemical and biotech team, and RichIP has been recog- nised by clients as an excellent firm. The technical fields covered by the unique chemical/biotech team of RichIP include, but not limited to, chemistry, chemical en- gineering, polymer, semiconduc- tor, pharmaceutical, agricultural, life science and biotechnology. Ultimately, mixing her experience and her knowledge along with her desire and ambition, Clarice has ensured that RichIP will continue to be successful in the future. Overseeing an excellent team, there is a lot of optimism amongst Clarice and her staff as they look to carry on providing an unrivalled service within the market. Company: Rich IP & Co. Contact: Clarice Chen Address: 6F, No. 261, Sec. 3, Nan-king E. Rd, Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China Phone: 001 886 2 2713 1060 # 328 Website: