Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 21 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 3 The Company’s product suite includes: • Tokenetics (www.tokenetics. com), a Software-as-a- Service Ethereum ERC-20 digital securities offering “DSO” platform for U.S. and international businesses, fully integrated with KYCware; • KYCware (www.kycware. com), a compliance-focused investor on-boarding KYC and AML app for Mitch Edwards named Blockchain CFO of the Year digital securities offerings, custody and secondary trading, fully integrated with CustodyWare; • CustodyWare (www. ), a U.S. registered Transfer Agent ERC-20 securities custody technology aligned with SEC Regulation D 506(c) holds, affiliate trading as well as a complete dividend/ profit-share paying-agent facility. Company: Chia Network Inc Address: 44 Montgomery St, Suite 2310, San Francisco, CA 94104 Contact: Ali Shadle, Director of Corporate Communications Email: [email protected] Award Recipient: Mitch Edwards, CFO Email: [email protected] Website: Most Innovative IAM Solutions Provider 2019 - Germany