Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 33 , CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 19 PipelineDeals is easy-to-use customer relationshipmanagement (CRM) software that helps salespeoplewinmore deals faster. Following their success inCV’s 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards, we profile the firmand caught upwith CEOand Co-Founder of PipelineDeals, JPWerlin who provided us with a glimpse into the innerworkings of the innovative software provider. Adoptable, Approachable, Affordable. Established in 2006, PipelineDeals makes a sales professional’s workday as productive as possible through a customizable user experience, sales focused features, and lead- ing customer support and service. Headquartered in Seattle, Wash- ington, PipelineDeals has grown rapidly throughout the years into one of the world’s most adopted CRM for small and midsize busi- nesses. Many of the customers that PipelineDeals works along- side use the firm to gain visibility they need into their sales process to assist them in closing more deals. Going into further detail, JP begins by informing us more about the core areas the firm specializes within, noting on PipelineDeals’s most well-known features they offer to customers. “With PipelineDeals, compa- nies have the ability to organize customer sales data in one place, allowing sales and account man- agers gather the right insights to make the right business decisions to sell better. In addition to this, we specialize in developing the right CRM features to help sales teams sell smarter. “PipelineDeals is also known for the following features that help companies manage their customer relationships: • Sales Pipeline Management - Helping users visualize and understand their sales pipelines. • Lead Management – En- abling firms to track the progress of each lead with a way of knowing when leads are high-risk. Organized information, happy leads, and closed deals make for an efficient sales process. • Contact Management – Allowing users to nurture relationships with existing customers through detailed views of accounts. It’s im- portant to have a way to rec- ognize upsell opportunities and have a way to transfer knowledge across a team to strategize better. • Sales Team Management – Offering a way to guide sales teams and set meaningful objectives for salespeople. With these features, compa- nies easily eliminate redun- dancy, delays, and confusion and in the meantime gain a framework for collaborative sales efforts.” Enabling the firm to deliver these personalized services, is the ded- icated, inventive and wholeheart- edly committed team which forms the backbone of PipelineDeals. When discussing the internal culture, JP is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the firm. “Here at PipelineDeals, our entire team impacts the continued suc- cess of PipelineDeals and at the heart of it is the emphasis we have on our company core values espe- cially ‘being customer obsessed’. “We also have a dedicated Customer Success Team that specializes in helping customers implement PipelineDeals so they can reach their business goals faster. “As a result, being customer obsessed is a natural way of doing business. We’re constantly listening to customers, and then continuously enhancing, personal- izing, and improving the customer experience.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at PipelineDeals will continue to deliver an excep- tional service to their customers, one which has seen them receive numerous accolades over the years, which includes their most recent win in Corporate Vision’s 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards where they were selected as the Most Reputable Sales Management Software Solution – 2019. Bringing the interview to a close, JP signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, touching on the how the team at PipelineD- eals hope to continue developing features which will be beneficial to both current and future consum- ers. “Overall, we listen to our custom- ers’ needs with the goal of helping to shape their CRM experience in more compelling and useful ways. That’s why we are continually im- proving PipelineDeals’ functionality to meet changes and needs in the industry. Recently, we launched our Multiple Pipelines feature which will help sales teams with diverse sales processes manage their business. Moving forward, we will be looking to continue to develop features that help profes- sionals be more productive with their day. “Ultimately, we are committed to being where our customers need us. To stay true to the ease-of-use experience PipelineDeals is known for, both UX and product design will continue to play a central role in future product strategy.” Contact: Marissa Tejada Address: 1008 Western Ave #401, Seattle, 98101, Washington, United States Telephone: +1-866-702-7303 Web Address: Mar19400